Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum 1848 Head Coach): We are naturally very happy, that we were able to finally stop the rot. We have been so close these past few weekends, without being able to just get over the line. The way the team played today was good. We played courageously and tried not to let Heidenheim come into the game, because we knew that they are very variable in their game structure. We knew that Heidenheim would be dangerous at set pieces, unfortunately we have conceded too many of them this season. Despite succumbing to a set-piece, in the end, we reached our goal and took the three points back home with us. I believe that they will also be okay because of the first half, even if things weren’t always rosy at the back for them. We are simply happy that we can drive back to Bochum with three points. 

Frank Schmidt (1. FC Heidenheim Head Coach): Congratulations to VfL Bochum on the win. The three points were well deserved, because we made so many mistakes today- centred around ball errors and errors in our positioning, that we didn't foresee. It is extremely hard when you go down so early in the game. It was important for us to halve the lead through the set-piece when we did. But in the 49th minute the game was over for us. 

Of course it's extremely difficult when you're so early in the game, so clearly behind. Of course, it was important for us to make it 1-2 through a set-piece. All possibilities were out there for the second half. The game was over soon after the restart though. What you have to say about the team though: they tried everything. If we had got to 3-2 earlier, maybe something would have been possible, but the goal itself came too late. 

Simon Lorenz: We are so happy with the win. We came into this game well. The two early goals settled us very well. It was irritating though, that we allowed them to get back into the game easily. Perhaps we must blame ourselves for being too passive after the second goal. All that matters though, is the win.

Anthony Losilla: We have waited a long time for this win. It was good and is a great feeling. We gave it all in this game, fought well. We switched play really well and took our goals well too.  

Danny Blum: Today was just the day. Today was our day. We managed to stop the rot. But when you see how we did do it here, there was a lot of mental strength, ambition and will today. We played a really good game. It's been seen that if we work together, form a unit on the pitch, then we're also hard to beat away.