The first cup match has been successfully mastered with a 3-0 victory – now it’s time for Bundesliga action. This Saturday afternoon, VfL Bochum 1848 will play their first home match of the new season. In the run up to the match against 1. FSV Mainz 05, head coach Thomas Reis as well as winger Gerrit Holtmann answered the journalists’ question at the press conference.
Thomas Reis on

... the personell situation: Tim Oermann, Jacek Góralski, Danilo Soares and Jannes Horn are not fit to play


… 1. FSV Mainz 05 and former Bochum-player Maxim Leitsch: My attitude hasn’t changed much. I want my team to encounter Mainz 05 with a well-structured style of play. We need a lot of communication on the pitch. Nevertheless, we want to show our style of play and assert our game. Next Saturday will decide whether our plan has worked. I'm curious to see how Maxim Leitsch will be greeted by the VfL fans here in the stadium. He probably carries a certain tension with him.

… Konstantinos Stafylidis: He has done very well in the last training sessions and is therefore fit for action. Ultimately, it's up to me whether Konstantinos Stafylidis will play next Saturday. He would definitely be an option for me.

 ... the centre-back position: It will be a difficult decision for me. It could be a close call between Vasilios Lampropoulos  and  Erhan Mašović. However, I won't reveal my decision for the time being. We will see who will be on the pitch on Saturday


...the new striker Philipp Hofmann: We have added many new players for the coming season. Each player had different tasks to fulfil in his previous team. Accordingly, certain processes and structures must be adapted for the time being. The players must absorb the VfL DNA. He scored his first goal in the cup, which was very important for him. It will be his first year in the Bundesliga and I think Philipp will have his first game. He is definitely looking forward to the coming season in the league.

…the second year as Bundesliga manager: I’m looking forward to be part of the part of the Bundesliga as head coach for another season. It will certainly be a challenging campaign for VfL, but of course we will be up for it. However, we must not overestimate the result of the cup match. We will do everything to create our next miracle.
… the chances to keep the league: I am very positive that we will be able to stay in the league. There are many assessments by experts, yet we will try to prove them wrong. However, it really takes the pressure off us and it is a relief for the team. We are aware that this will be no easy task but we know what we stand for and what we have to do to achieve our goal. Our opponent has to have no fun playing football against us. We are looking forward and not looking back. History will be written again this year. The important thing is that the team is willing to risk a lot and then we hope for a win on Saturday. For VfL, it's all about keeping our place in the Bundesliga and we will do everything we can to achieve our dream.

Gerrit Holtmann on…


the match on Saturday: We are a very experienced team and go into the new season well-prepared. It always depends on the situation, but of course we will try to put constant pressure on 1 FSV Mainz 05.

… his personal goals for the new campaign: I scored five times last season gave five assists. For the coming season, of course, I will try to improve on both numbers. I will do my best to end the season with at least eight goals and eight assists. It's a new start for the whole team. First and foremost, we want to prove that we can keep our place in the Bundesliga


… the 2022/23 season preparation: From my point of view, the preparation this year looked a little different from last year. I was allowed to go on my first trip with the national team. As a result, I missed a week of training with the team. Preparation never goes smoothly, but in the end we handled it well as a team. The new players were also able to settle in well and did well. We are very well prepared for the new season and showed in the cup which direction we are going with VfL


… the interaction with Kevin Stöger: Kevin is a very important player for us. He plays decisive and good passes just in front of the goal. As wingers, we only have to run to be seen by Kevin. He plays an important role up front.