Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum 1848 Head Coach): A well-worn path. We got into the game well, took the lead, then they equalised through a simple cross - that's tough to take because we simply should have defended this situation better. But we did well afterwards and felt more comfortable in the game than Darmstadt. Unfortunately, we had to take Danilo Soares out of the game in the half because he off the illness still hanging over him from yesterday. This meant we had to change the centre. Little things led to the fact that the mechanisms didn't work properly anymore, the gaps were too big. We must continue to work to ensure that the team gets the compactness aspect right on the pitch. We are disappointed because everyone was waiting for that winning feeling of relief. We will analyse the game now and then we will go again next week.

Dimitrios Grammozis (SV Darmstadt 98 manager): "I was happy to come back to Bochum today and meet a lot of people with whom I have been able to work with in recent years. About the game: It was a brutally intense game. In the first half we needed a little time to get into the game. We lost a lot of 50-50s. In addition, we gave our opponents too many opportunities to move forward. I think it was the little things that made the difference. The penalty kick came at a bad time. But we gave everything we had to come back after falling behind. After a routine freekick, we equalise and are back in the game. Then we allow Ganvoula to be free in the box, who makes the 2-0. We talked about some things at the break and my guys showed the spirit that I would have liked to see from the beginning. We were more committed and tougher. Maybe in the end we could have scored the winner.

Simon Lorenz: We're so disappointed again that we couldn't get three points. I think that we should have got three points today. I think we've become a bit too passive in the second half. We weren't as active in defending as we were with the ball. We couldn't put our stamp on the game anymore. We have to analyse that now and then work hard on ourselves.

Miloš Pantović: "I don't think we've forgotten how to win. At the moment, however, we simply can't manage to keep a lead over time. And as cliché as it sounds, we just have to keep going. I think there has been an improvement in the last few weeks, but still: We need to stop talking and start winning. Our plan after the break was to stay compact. But we allowed Darmstadt to play too much, that shouldn't happen to us at home. I am a little speechless. We are left to rue so many chances again, and we knew that if that was the case again we would find it tough at the end."

Anthony Losilla (c): "I feel like I have to repeat myself every week and always say the same thing. It's bitter again. We were good in the game but all of a sudden some uncertainty creeps in, then we just defended and didn't make much progress anymore - instead of being offensively minded. Then one after another we are made to defend crosses and eventually we succumb to a draw. We have to fight even harder for the three points and be more clever. This can't happen again. I felt like this last week and it just hurts. To wait so long for a victory is not easy psychologically, we always start to crack in the final phase of the game. But now we have to stay positive to get out of this difficult situation. We've shown that we can do it before."