Robin Dutt (VfL Bochum 1848 Head Coach): I mean it earnestly when I apologize to everyone here in Bochum for the first half. After 18 months I feel very connected to this club and feel a bit responsible for the current situation. I am grateful to everyone that I feel appreciated here. Tomorrow, after I have slept on today's game, I will speak to [Sporting Director] Sebastian Schindzielorz. We have to discuss the general situtaion and also discuss my position here. We must not underestimate our current situation. It won't help the team if they go into the next few weeks with a coach whose days are numbered. I like this club and want the best for it.

Rüdiger Rehm (head coach SV Wehen Wiesbaden): We experienced a brutally thrilling game today. Both teams have played their hearts out. I think we've had a very good first half. We always took the game to our opponents at the right times, won second balls and switched well. We scored our goals with great efficiency, but on the other hand we also had an excellent goalkeeper who marshalled some dangerous defensive positions. We didn't want to manage the game, we wanted to score a fourth. We knew that VfL would come out for the second half frustrated and angry. We then had several situations where we should have done better in order to score a fourth. The fact that Moritz Kuhn, our defender, went forward a bit much in 80th minute and we were left outnumbered at the back, made us struggle a bit.

Sebastian Maier: I have to apologise to everyone who was in the stadium today. That wasn't worthy of VfL. It's hard for me to put the game into words. I'm just very happy about our second half. The gameplan for the second half was clear: Put the balls in the sixteen and try to score the goals. We wanted to put Wiesbaden under pressure and we succeeded better with long balls. There were two brutally different halves of us today. But the team showed that we have spirit, otherwise we wouldn't have be able to catch up in recent games.

Anthony Losilla: It's hard for me to find the right words after such a bad first half. Nothing was right, it was a disaster. Fortunately, we were able to turn the game around in the second half and earn another point. The first half of the game was unforgettably bad. In the second half we had nothing to lose. Fortunately, we scored three goals to get a point - but we won't be able to catch up like that every week.

Vitaly Janelt: It's of course a disaster to be 3-0 down at halftime at home. We had our one, two chances in the first half, which we didn't capitalise on. The jeering and booing from the fans was absolutely justified at half time. Then we sat down and said that we wanted to throw everything forward. We did that and got a point.

Manuel Riemann: It was right to be subject to a few boos at the half. We looked to get more success with long balls. Wiesbaden had their back against the wall agaisnt us in the second half. The fact is that we have to start playing like this from the beginning, otherwise it will be difficult. We can't catch up every time.