Day 7 of #VfLinBruneck: The last full day in South Tyrol, and it was a tough one. Early in the morning, the cancellation of the scheduled pre-season friendly triggered various phone calls and forced us to change our plans. It wasn't long, however, until a Plan B had been made for Saturday: a double training session, packing, and then a relaxing team evening.

Questionable spontaneous cancellation

VfL’s second friendly here in South Tyrol was planned for Saturday, the team was ready, the training schedule was designed for this, the tickets had been sold. However, the opponent had something against it. Torino cancelled the match at short notice. The Italians justified this decision with a positive Covid-19 case that had occurred in the VfL training camp. However, Torino had disregarded the fact that Herbert Bockhorn had only tested positive in his home country, while all the results of the regular and measured testing of the rest of the team had been negative.

Change of plan

Made to think on their feet, a substitute programme was organised for VfL on the FC Gais’ wonderful pitch that we’d been training on. The coaching staff devised a tournament, in which the professionals formed three teams - the action was intense in front of numerous fans and partners. Many 50/50s, goals, and saves from the goalkeepers. All captured by the cameras, as we set up a livestream for the training session. The broadcast team, which was supposed to stream the friendly against Torino, did a brilliant job of streaming the session and entertaining our fans back at home. Patrick Fabian and Dirk "Moppel" Michalowski acted as co-commentators, reporting on various events here in the training camp.

The coach is back

There was also some good news. Thomas Reis returned to the team in the afternoon. The coach had temporarily left the training camp due to important private matters. The team and staff got stuck in to the session, and made the best out of a difficult situation at short notice. The partners, fans, and journalists, on the other hand, also came together again and reviewed #VfLinBruneck together. 

Staff vs. Pros

Alongside all of the hard work, the lads definetley had a good time at the training camp. As a farewell activity, a staff vs pros competition was floated. Performance analyst Rexhep Kushutani and fitness coach Lucas Kern went head to head against Gerrit Holtmann and Tjark Ernst. Three events were on the cards, table tennis, hand table tennis and football golf. In the end, there was a clear 3-0 winner, but for the staff or pros? Just take a look for yourself!