Day one as new Head Coach at Anne Castroper: Before he took training for the first time this morning , Thomas Reis introduced himself to the media. Also facing the media was Sebastian Schindzielorz, VfL Sports Director, who explained his reasons for hiring the 45-year-old.

"Thomas Reis is a down-to-earth guy who stands for hard work," Sebastian Schindzielorz said, describing the new VfL coach and explains why the ex-footballer fits so well into the club: "He knows the club very well, but was away for a while so that he could set new ideas in motion. Thomas has already shown his qualities as a coach, we are absolutely convinced he's the right man for us". 

Reis greeted the media representatives with the words: "I'm happy that I'm back home, back at my club". Between 1995 and 2003, he wore the VfL badge as a player, and from 2009 to 2016, he was coached various Blau-Weiß junior teams. He also worked as assistant manager under VfL head coaches Andreas Bergmann, Karsten Neitzel and Gertjan Verbeek. "I was lucky enough to be able to play here," Reis reflects. "I also made my first steps as a coach here in Bochum. It was always my dream to be in charge of the first team here. The dream has now come true - this is what I've worked for for twelve years."

Compactness and reliability

Now it is a matter of getting to know the team as quickly as possible. "This will happen in individual chats, but of course also on the pitch," said the new head coach. "Of course, it's important to rebuild the team's self-confidence. We want to get out of the league position in which we currently find ourselves in. To achieve this, Reis will rely on his playing philosophy: "We want to be proactive more than reactive - to bring compactness and reliability to the pitch. Always be able to play forward boldly, to get out of situations and even to put needle punches." 

For Sebastian Schindzielorz, this philosophy was one of the reasons for bringing in the 45-year-old back to the Castroper: "He also wants to play, his teams have always played offensively. We want to be brave and do things we believe in. We are convinced of Thomas and that he will help us."  

Regarding next Sunday (1:30 p.m CEST) the team has the chance to beat Dynamo Dresden at home. "Fans in Bochum want to see football played with passion. If we show this on the pitch, then the fans will follow in the stands. That's how I got to know it here," Reis surmises. "My job is to turn the pessimists into optimists." He will continue to be supported by assistants Heiko Butscher and Oliver Barth. "We will continue in this way with the coaching team, that's the plan. I already know Heiko Butscher, he was still a player here when I was assistant coach. I don't know Oliver Barth yet, but I will cultivate an open relationship, so we'll get to know each other quickly."