Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): Congratulations to Aue for the win and to my colleague. Aue let us have possession at the start of the game but we lacked the necessary concentration. Before going 1-0 down we unnecessarily opened up at the back and conceded the goal from a long ball. Of course, the second was a gift as it resulted from a slight mistake in our build-up play. However, after good work on the right wing we halved the deficit in the second half and took control. We were lucky with our substitutions and Silvère Ganvoula scored from the cross by Jannik Bandowski. What happened at the end is becoming slowly but surely unacceptable. It happens time and again and we will surely address this issue. After investing so much effort to equalise, we just cannot make such an easy mistake and present the opposition with a penalty.

Daniel Meyer (Head Coach FC Erzgebirge Aue): Many thanks to Robin Dutt for the congratulations. It was a wild game, we did not start as well as intended but the early goal helped us. After the injury to Philipp Zulechner we had to reorganize. We played an untypical game today with lots of long balls forward, which was simple but successful. In my view we were too euphoric after that, took our shots too early and attacked with too many people. So we lost the balance in our game and that was punished immediately. So we conceded the first at a catastrophic point in time. In the second half we wanted to play for the third goal, but Bochum got into the match better and we did not have the control anymore. Nevertheless, we defended well for long stretches, and our transition game was decent although we didn’t take our chances. The equaliser hit us hard as we had covered so much ground and the opponents had the momentum. But fortunately we took our chance in added time for an all-important win today.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): Once more, this is a very bitter day. After the setbacks, we did everything we could to turn the game around after a truly bad start. Shortly before the break we got one back, which helped. Then we tried to pressurise Aue and rewarded ourselves with the equaliser. After that we felt that we had everything under control. Maybe we wanted a bit too much today. We wanted to win the game, but instead we conceded the winner. That hurts really badly. A ball loss can happen, but we didn’t cover our defence and so there was too much space. Tim tried to save us with a foul in front of the penalty area – in vain. It was little things that hurt us today.

Jannik Bandowski (VfL Bochum 1848): This hurts, of course. I felt we were in the driving seat. Aue were on the back foot and tried to counter with long balls, but we were actually well in control. We could have scored the winning goal, so it is all the more annoying that we conceded that late goal. I can only speak for myself: I wanted to go for victory, not just for a draw. But we still had enough players back in defence. I personally feel good. I've been working on my comeback for a long time, and I'm glad I got a few minutes today.

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Director of Football VfL Bochum 1848): This was symptomatic of the entire season today. We made another big individual mistake shortly before the end. We had some decent spells after we got into the match badly and went 2-0 down. It is obvious that we need to change things in the long run, and it is characteristic that in recent years we have always had good phases that alternate with really bad games. That is not the way to create permanent progress, so we have to work on it. Of course, if you lose in the last minute, you cannot take much away. If you want to see the positive, you can say that the team came back well after being down 2-0. Overall, of course, the negatives dominate. It is now important to avoid that we make such mistakes and to extend the good phases of our play.