Robin Dutt (VfL Bochum 1848 Head Coach): The start could have hardly been worse for us due to the early setback. Directly afterwards, the team fought back and I think it was an open match throughout the entire first half. Though, I have to admit that Paderborn were a bit more powerful and more dangerous going forward. Anyway, we created a number of good chances with Anthony Losilla and Robbie Kruse and another shot even hit the woodwork. At the other end, Paderborn had a big chance to widen their lead but the ball luckily only hit the lower side of the crossbar. In the course of the season, Paderborn have evolved to be a very dangerous team upfront. We could have gone in to the dressing room trailing by just the one goal but then we made this huge bad pass and had to take another massive blow before the half-time whistle. During the half-time break, we agreed that we would need to hit back immediately, not only to show the supporters that we’re still alive and willing to turn the match into our favour. On the other hand, we were also aware that we had to watch out for their dangerous attacking game and to prevent Paderborn scoring another goal. I think it was visible to everyone that my team tried everything they could to get back into the game and was mentally strong enough to cope with the difficult situation. We pushed forward and at the same time, stood firm at the back to stop Paderborn’s counter-attacks. I have to admit, that our attacking play was not perfect and lacked precision in a number of situations. That made it easy for our opponents to get on the ball and stop our attempts again and again. We score and bring it back to 2-1, but in the end we also lacked the needed bit of luck to even score the equaliser. It was a deserved defeat and criticism is absolutely justified. I don’t want to whitewash anything but at least we have to admit that mentality-wise the team performed quite well in the second half.

Steffen Baumgart (SC Paderborn 07 Head Coach): We’ve all witnessed a very intense match today. We’re also very pleased with the win, as it was hard-fought. In the final stages of the game, we also could quite easily have conceded the equaliser. Both teams tried to create chances. We had a couple of chances via counter-attacks but we simply weren’t clinical enough in the end. All in all, I’m pleased with my team’s performance, especially as they worked hard to keep Bochum away from our own goal. Although this is quite untypical for me, I have to praise one player in particular today: I take my hat off to Sebastian Vasiliadis for his outstanding performance. Not only did he run mile after mile, he also pushed his teammates forward the entire ninety minutes. I’m very delighted about the win although I know that there are still some things we have to improve in the future. In the end it was a thrilling match up to the final whistle and we should not be complaining if we had conceded the equaliser and the game would have ended with a draw.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): We knew that Paderborn like to play quick but of course, the early goal did hurt badly. Anyway, I think we reacted quite well although also the wind was hard to deal with. We created a number of chances but the match just did not turn into our favour today. Then we conceded the second goal seconds before the half-time whistle. It certainly was an unlucky situation but things like that happen in football from time to time. It’s a very bitter defeat for us today. When you’re down by two goals, you try to push forward. Then it’s quite likely that your opponents are waiting for their chances to counter-attack. But anyway, as mentioned before, we had our chances but did not convert them. We still want to look from match to match and need to realise that we have to show a quick reaction after the two consecutive defeats. That’s where our main focus has to lie on.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): It’s a bitter defeat. I think we played quite well over the 90 minutes and also the early setback did not fluster us in any way. That both teams would make mistakes throughout the game was predictable but I think we stood quite firm at the back and managed to hold our opponents away from our goal most of the time. Paderborn certainly had their chances, but so had we. In the end we weren’t clinical enough. But we certainly won’t say that the season is over now we stop playing. Of course, we’ll try to hit back as quickly as possible will try to make things better next week. Honestly, there’s hardly anything else for us to do. Currently, it’s a bit sad to see how many mistakes are being brutally punished. Just look at the situation leading to 2-0, it’s extremely bitter – regardless of the initial short pass. The player tries to lob the ball over me but it hits my shoulder instead. In the end, it bounces straight back towards his shin and he’s able to control the ball again. On the opposite side, then one of our headers only hits the crossbar instead of flying into the net. We performed very well in the second half and would have thoroughly deserved at least a point.