Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): “There are certainly a few parallels from the game on Monday. Today we kept our concentration and were more dominant throughout the game. Against a stronger opponent it went as planned for a long time. For long phases, we were able to assert ourselves and force a few opportunities. At the same time, we were stable at the back. Annoyingly, we played in to their hands with the penalty. We know that Union were strong in the first half. If you fall behind, Berlin are capable of seeing the game out. We tried to take a few more risks to force the equaliser, however in the end we got hit on the counter-attack to make it 0: 2. It is very annoying because we have now ended the first half of the season with a defeat. I believe that the table and the number of points do not quite reflect our performance in this first round. The year 2018 is not yet complete, we want to do everything in Cologne so that we have a positive conclusion.
Urs Fischer (Head Coach 1 FC Union Berlin): “Against a very strong Bochum side we had perhaps lacked conviction in the first half. Especially in the one-on-one situations we were not quite there. That's why we certainly had the necessary luck in the first half, which you must have against this strong opponent. We talked about this during the break. In the second half, they then saw what the team is capable of, if they put that determination to the test. I think in the end we had plenty of opportunities to win this game for us. With a bit of luck and the second half it was a deserved victory for me in the end.

Patrick Fabian (VfL Bochum 1848): It's frustrating. We come home empty handed and that was absolutely avoidable. Especially in the first half we have to take the lead. Somehow the ball did not want to go in, that's a shame. We hit the post twice, then the goalkeeper keeps the ball off the line. The other way around we conceded two avoidable goals in the second half. So at the moment we are having a hard time taking our chances, perhaps we lacked a bit of luck. I had the feeling that we are actually very safe at the back and wouldn’t allow a counter-attack. Ultimately, it is frustrating not to reward yourself for the effort. We have 24 points, two goals more and now we face Cologne. In this league in every game everything is possible, we have already seen that.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): An unfortunate defeat, unfortunately I cannot hear that anymore. We played really well in the first half, we just had to score. Then Déjà vu again, I do not know if it was really a penalty. It looked very cheap. If you have so many chances here in Berlin, you have to make it easy. We have to improve. In the second half, it was clear that Union were putting a lot of pressure on us, but that's not how it should happen to us. Of course it's hard, because we have so many injuries, we are missing. At the end of the year in Cologne we want to try by all means to take something positive.

Sidney Sam (VfL Bochum 1848): The first half was good, we barely allowed them any chances. Of course, we wanted to continue playing, then we had the penalty against us but unlucky. It was not easy to come back from. Nevertheless, we tried everything, in the end the defeat is bitter again. I think it is not comparable to the previous game against St. Pauli.