Robin Dutt (Manager VfL Bochum 1848): Congrats to FC St Pauli. As for ourselves, it was a match good in parts. I think, it quite early became apparent that there’s a clash of two different tactics. St Pauli’s tactics finally was the more promising. Our attacking play, even though it was well organized, was influenced by hard defensive work as well. Our attacks were not that backed up by other parts oft he team as we knew it from recent matches. That’s the way we conceded our first goal, when we are not able to prevent a cross and the following header almost from the six-yard-box. Regarding the penalty: Yes, we lose a two-on-one battle in the midfield area and accept a deep forward pass. That also belongs to football: Not only focussing on the attacking play, but on the permanent defending as well. The more time passed, the more risk you are willing to take. Then Pauli were offered even more opportunities to hit us on the break. The second major point of criticiscm is that we left so many clear cut chances unused. Görkem Saglam found himself alone in front of the goal, but failed to equalize. Numerous similar situations in the second half. Silvère Ganvoula must score the 2-2. Even in addtitional time two great efforts had been cleared just before the ball crossed the line. These are two main factors. The defensive backup while attacking and the conversion of chances, which does not fit. That is why I cannot not really compliment my team for this game. St Pauli were able to put through their tactics, and they did it well. That is why I rate it as a not undeserved win for them.

Lukas Hinterseer (VfL Bochum 1848): Especially in the first half we were better by far. It felt like St Pauli were only able to cross the halfway line for two times or so – but they scored double. But it didn’t threw us off course, we kept attacking anyway. Unfortunately, we could not continue our good performance after the changeover, St Pauli were the dominating side during that stage of the match. I think, you could still see our great ambitions. We kept attacking and creating chances. But today, it just was not to be.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): St Pauli did a clever job today. They gave us the possession, but took their two chances clinically. St Pauli acted much more straightforward than we did. In the final third we were missing something – the perfect pass, as to that we were not clever enough. Too bad, as we could have easily scored at least one point today. We have to do it better against those top-flight teams. We will break down the game to do it better in the next two fixtures. We want tob e travelling to Berlin and Cologne with the necessary self-confidence.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): We make it too easy for our opponents to score goals. St Pauli had a shot against the post in the first minutes, that’s it, in the following minutes we were clearly dominating the game. Then, for the first time, the opponent managed to enter our half of the pitch and immediately scored the lead. We should not be talking about us claiming one of the upper spots in the league when we admit such unnecessary situations.