Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): 

I could feel right from the start that my team got into the game very well. We teased them and despite the bad news throughout the last week it didn’t feel like there was a B team on the pitch as the players did a very good job out there. Even though one of them made his professional debut and players like Görkem Saglam didn’t play for a while, we started well, put our opponents under constant pressure and controlled the ball. Anyway, HSV had their biggest chance just as we had one of our best phases in the game. You have to thank Manuel Riemann as his splendid reaction kept us in the game. It was an intense game and we went into the tackles very powerfully. We always had to have an eye on Jatta and Narey to prevent them making advantage of their speed. Stefano Celozzi on the right side did a proper job, our debutant Stelios on the other side had a couple of difficult situations to cope with but his fighting spirit and his effort helped him to get over it. I really enjoyed watching him play. Shortly before the end he was having cramps but that’s something even a 17-year-old can have from time to time. In total, it was an important sign for the players on the pitch that they are able to play like this. So, in the end, the one point gained is one thing, even more important are the many happy faces I could see after the game. It must be one of our main aims to bring a smile to the faces of our fans by playing with passion and commitment. All the best to HSV for the German FA cup next week and their promotion efforts.

Hannes Wolf (Head Coach Hamburger SV): We knew that it would be an extremely difficult game against Bochum. Even though a number of players missed the match due to injuries, Bochum still have a strong team and a lot of experience in the squad. We knew that Bochum would fight hard in front of a sold-out stadium. We made a couple of mistakes in our attacking game and lost the ball too often. So, an open match evolved and both teams created chances upfront. Of course, we would have liked to win today but a draw is a fair result. Our next game is only three days away and we need to concentrate on the tasks that lie before us. It was a tight game today and we could have easily lost it because Bochum is simply a hard nut to crack.

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Director of Football VfL Bochum 1848): It was a fine framework for a good and intensive match with two teams on eye-level. Both teams had their chances to score. There have been vivid discussions about the introduction of video referees these days. I think that we – with video refs in charge today – would have been rewarded at least one penalty.

Patrick Fabian (VfL Bochum 1848): Taking into account that we have a large number of injured players to replace at the moment, a draw against HSV at home is not too bad. I think that we have seen a team on the pitch today that played passionately and fought for every single ball. Hamburg certainly had their problems with us today. All in all, we even could have this match. We stood extremely firm at the back and every player helped his teammates, so it was hard to beat us. We lacked a bit of luck upfront as we could have been awarded one or more penalties. But we take the one point, and everything is fine. Stelios Kokovas made a splendid debut today. He fought for every single ball and fitted into the team brilliantly. A huge compliment to Koko! It’s nice to see that we are able to integrate our youth players into the first team.

Tim Hoogland (VfL Bochum 1848): It was a match on eye-level and both teams had their chances. So soon after the match I’d even say that we were the better team and that we should have taken all three points today. But it’s okay to draw against one of the big favourites for promotion. Of course, you have to take into account the large number of injured players that were not fit to play. I think everyone would have easily agreed on a draw beforehand. Looking back, a win would have been possible today. On the other hand, the last weeks should have shown us that we simply might have to accept the result and take home one point. I personally made a couple of decisive mistakes in the last matches that I didn’t do in the first half of the season. Today the entire team has shown their character and their strengths. A huge compliment to Stelios. I rarely have seen a young player playing this serene. It’s something that make us all extremely proud. He can celebrate himself tonight.

Lukas Hinterseer (VfL Bochum 1848): Taking into account that we were playing HSV today, a draw is absolutely acceptable. We played very well today and fought passionately - we even controlled the game. Of course, Hamburg had their chances, but I think we did a good job out there. We have to show this kind of passion and commitment every week. But of course, today with the packed stadium and a big opponent every player has that extra portion of motivation. From my point of view, I should have been awarded at least one penalty. I was in control of the ball and got a push from behind. I’m always happy to play for VfL and fight together with the lads. I think this was obvious to everyone today.

Görkem Saglam (VfL Bochum 1848): I had a feeling that I might be playing today since the last two or three days. Anyway, my preparation always looks the same – whether I’m in the team or not. Luckily, today it payed off once again although I don’t want to talk about my personal performance. The entire team fought passionately, and the fans supported us brilliantly. All in all, we performed well, had our chances to score and even controlled the match for some time. So, we can live with the draw. In my opinion, being a professional footballer also means that you have to try week in week out to convince the manager that you are good enough to be part of the team. If you’re not willing to act like this, you should probably quit your professional career. I’m always keen to persuade the manager to field me but in the end it’s his decision. All I can do is keep on working for my chances.