Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): For large stages it was a clash with different styles of play. Regensburg brought a lot of energy and pace into the game with us lacking in pace over and over again. On the other hand, our opponent had serious problems with our passing play. We actually did a good job and put some pressure on Regensburg. So, looking at the first half both sides had quality efforts to take the lead. For most of the time it was touch and go, until we were awarded a penalty. After that we defended quite poorly in our box when – for two times – and SSV player threw himself into it to keep the ball in the game and to create a goalscoring chance. In these situations, we were only spectators, not players. We concede two goals within a minimum of time, which is not supposed to happen in our current situation and being one ahead. You must not hand control over to the opposing side then. That is why this defeat hurts. Congrats to Regensburg to their win.

Achim Beierlorzer (Head Coach SSV Jahn Regensburg): It was a tough match for us as we knew that Bochum are excellent in possession and passing. We had some trouble with that in the very beginning, but in the course of the first half we gained more and more control and were able to record some clear cut chances – especially the header by Sebastian Stolze. 0-0 at halftime was okay, even though we should have been awarded a penalty shortly after kick-off. There was a clear contact against Marco Grüttner and we might have even gone for the lead at that point. The match might have taken a completely different course then. But I how my squad was eager to turn things around in the second half reflects the attitude at the moment. The lads try to save and control every single ball as it may turn out to be another chance to score. These two goals were goals of mentality. We had the plan to achieve our aim at home in front of our fans and reach for the 40 points to keep us in the league. It fills me with pride to be the manager of such a great team and see our players and supporters celebrating together after the match. Due to enormous desire to win we racked up a deserved victory. Now we have 41 points – I might repeat myself, but your satnav would say “You have reached your destination”.

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Director of football VfL Bochum 1848): We gained the lead and immediately concede the equalizer, again we concede two goals within two minutes. It was a similar course of the game compared to the Bielefeld game, but admittedly, we could have even been down in the first twenty minutes. We simply did not defend well enoug and accepted too many efforts for an away game. No chance to score three points like that. We were aware that Regensburg often go for the rebound, and they often even won these tackles. That always causes trouble. In these situations, the whole team did not defend properly. We don’t need to talk the numerous sidelined players, the lads showed a great performance against Hamburg last week – in contrast to today’s game. There still some fixtures left, the lads are quite disappointed and will try to score three points in our next home fixture against Fürth.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): There’s not much left to say, we are really frustrated. It is quite annoying to give away a game by conceding two goals that could have easily be prevented. When you have a look at the goals you will see that the opposing players are completely left alone in the box, which must not happen. We have to break that down. But I’m currently just frustrated.

Lukas Hinterseer (VfL Bochum 1848): Regensburg are a side that you always have to be aware of – like the 3-3 draw at home. The always keep on attacking, play long passes and go into the tackles. We took the lead and must avoid the quick equalizer. Especially away we have to act more clinically. The opponent was quicker in thoughts looking at both goals, in my opinion. Then things are getting tough when the opposing side shows a strong defensive performance, so we should have done after gaining the lead. Now we lost again and have 35 points so far. The only thing that counts is next week’s home match.

Görkem Saglam (VfL Bochum 1848): It’s disappointing. In the first half both teams had good scoring chances, we actually did a decent job. After the changeover and play an aggressive defending play. We converted our plan quite well until the penalty. Then we only had two more strong minutes before we concede another two avoidable goals, which makes it more difficult. Until the final whistle we gave our all but leave the pitch without success.