Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): It feels like a hard-earned victory. At the moment we are in a phase where things haven’t really gone our way. We are currently reliant on our mentality and our willingness to run, as the team showed in a large part of the game. We've earned the chances and the goals. But we've also seen that at the moment we have to do four things to be the winners. I'm happy about the victory, but there are also things to criticise. In some situations, we simply have to act faster, switch on quicker. The opponents had phases in which they dictated the game. At the moment it's just not as natural as it was in the first half of the season. This is also due injuries and other factors. I wish Magdeburg all the best. Great fans, the football scene in the East has always deserved a team which stays in the league.  

Michael Oenning (Head Coach1. FC Magdeburg): Congratulations to VfL Bochum and to Robin. I think it is a well-deserved victory for VfL. In the first half we played very courageously, created many chances to score. Unfortunately, as so often, we didn't score that important goal. We had a lot to do after the break, come out, put pressure on each other and Bochum. But then we just don't defend it well. After that, the game plays out how it did. We have to take even more risks. After the interval we had another good phase. But after the fourth goal Bochum were very smart. We lost an important game today. We accept that, but we're not going to bury our heads in the sand. There are still two games to play. You can see that everything can change from game to game. I wish VfL all the best for the future.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): Today in the first half we had to fight really hard. It could have gone one way or the other. Then we go 1:0 down before the half-time break and perhaps get lucky. Magdeburg had to throw everything at us, in order to perhaps still get a point in the relegation fight. By and large, we have played well up front today and also scored a few beautiful goals.  

Dominik Baumgartner (VfL Bochum 1848): "I am very happy, because goals are always something very special, especially for me as a defender. But the most important thing is that we got the three points today. I've often played at right-back and it's working well at the moment. When you win, everything is often seen better than when you lose. I think the game was good today. We also gave the spectators a lot with our four goals.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): That was a perfect debut for me, considering that I've now played in two positions, it all worked out quite well. Our goal now is to put the pedal to the metal and not give points to anyone anymore. Nobody needs to come here and think that the points will easily be given away. We showed that it works great even with two strikers and Silvère had a great game. Hats off to him.

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Director of Football VfL Bochum 1848): "Although we gave some defensive presents that Magdeburg didn't use, we’ve got good times ahead. All in all, it was a deserved win, although sometimes we didn’t have a good grasp at the back. The injury problems are well known, so it's nice that Tom (Weilandt) is back. His quality was missing in the last few games. Of course, it's nice that he's back and the others are coming back bit by bit. In training we’ve already seen regularly what incredible physical condition Silvère is in, and he’s shown that again today. That's why I'm happy that his diligence and commitment in training was rewarded today. The point is that we want to prove to our spectators and ourselves that we can successfully play football and get more points. We only have to look at ourselves.