Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): It was a very strategic game in the first half. We went into the match with different challenges. Bielefeld performed a lot better in the first matchday, we put in a bad performance away at Regensburg. We clearly had improved structure today. The draw at halftime was fine. During the break we planned to apply more pressure when within the box, without taking high risks. That worked out well in the beginning, we were controlling the game, but we did not defend properly and underestimated Bielefeld’s qualities – especially their long balls. We were down 2-0 and made some tactical changes. The penalty, that was awarded after Tom was fouled, brought us back in the game. We tasted blood and the lads showed a great spirit and were back in it. The late equaliser is very annoying. It was not Toto’s fault in this situation, but we must clear the situation much earlier. My compliments to our fans in the stands, who gave an amazing reaction after the final whistle.

Uwe Neuhaus (Head Coach DSC Arminia Bielefeld): I’m actually not sure if I can get it chronologically right – it was an extraordinary weird game. At the beginning both teams were eager to prevent any goalscoring chances for the opponent – which worked out perfectly for both sides. Admittedly, no team had deserved to take the lead. Things remained unchanged after the restart, before we managed to go ahead. Then things got going and the spaces began to appear. After the second goal, there were no signs for us to get into trouble today. The penalty was a gift. But our players got very nervous obviously, it could become really nervy. In the following minutes we did everything wrong that could be done so. We quickly had a corner kick and were directly hit on a break. But I do have to compliment my team, just like I did recently. They were fighting until the very last second.

Danny Blum (VfL Bochum 1848): It was a weird game. I thought we were controlling the match during large stages in the first half but also at the beginning of the second half. The we concede the first goal and were lacking in concentration. Seconds later we concede another goal – at that point you have to take a deep breath. After we got one back euphoria arose and the fans showed massive support. The equaliser was even followed by the lead. But then I had the feeling that our strengths declined a bit. In the end we concede the third goal, which is quite annoying.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): I’m running out of words after such a sensational comeback. In Bochum we are able to turn a match around, anytime. And we did a great job in the end. So it’s even more bitter to concede a third goal after an impressive comeback.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): After we got one back, our fans kept pushing us forward, the atmosphere was impressive tonight. It is absolutely crazy to turn the match around and gain the lead. We must run down the clock down. We need to watch the final few minutes again on tape. It is bitter, of course, because Toto was the biggest fighter in today’s clash. He was running his heart out tonight – hats off! That is why he is our skipper.

Simon Zoller (VfL Bochum 1848): We showed an incredible performance in the second half and could play the football we planned to play. You need quite some mentality in fixtures like these – and we got it. Too bad we conceded the late equaliser, but these things can happen. After being down 2-0, hardly anybody would have expected us to show such a great comeback, with me contributing with an assist and a goal.