Robin Dutt (Manager VfL Bochum 1848): Our match plan worked quite well in the first half. We wanted to stand firm at the back in order to regain some stability after the recent results. We managed to win the ball back well and switched quickly into an attacking mode. Consequently, we surprised our opponents a number of times and gained the 2-0 lead. Simon Zoller even had a huge chance to score to extend the lead, as he appeared unmarked in front of goal. Of course it was an unpleasant setback when we conceded the 2-1 following an attack over the right hand side. Of course, this gave Dresden the chance to get back into the game. From my point of view, the home team has shown a passionate and strong performance today. What I’m annoyed of is the fact that the situation just before the equaliser certainly was foul by a Dresden player and it should have been a free kick for us instead of a corner kick. Danilo Soares suffered concussion and is on his way to the hospital right now. Unfortunately, the referee who had a couple of uncertain situations on both sides did not assess this correctly. Maybe he couldn’t cope with the atmosphere in the stadium. Danilo had to be checked by our medial staff on the sideline and his man scores after the unrightfully awarded corner-kick. In phases like this, you need a bit of luck – which we lacked today. In the final stages Dresden put a lot of pressure on my team, however it was Simon again who had the best chance to restore the lead but unfortunately his lob ball went wide. Taking both halves into account, the 2-2 is deserved in the end although it hurts as we were already had the lead. I wish my new, young colleague Cristian Fiel all the best and a successful time here in Dresden. We both played for Stuttgarter Kickers so we have a common former club. From the outside it looks as if Dresden and Fiel fit together quite well and apart from that it’s always nice to have new colleagues around, especially when this colleague is such a friendly and polite one as Fiel is.

Cristian Fiel (Manager SG Dynamo Dresden): Thank you very much! Right now, I’m still very excited and I’m still need to get my thoughts in order. When you fall behind 2-0 after only 14 minutes, you have to take a deep breath. We had big ambitions for the game, as is common when a new manager is in charge. We had a clear match plan that we wanted to put into action and all of a sudden we were trailing by two goals. During the half-time break, I told the lads that giving up is not an option and that everything is possible in football – especially here in Dresden. I think we still made a couple of mistakes in the second half, but in terms of mentality and passion it was absolutely fine. Therefore, I’m satisfied with the result. And no, I’m not crazy and I’m well aware that it’s all about points and winning games in football but looking back at the entire match today, I’m going home on a positive note today. There’s a lot of work ahead of us but we’re willing to take up that challenge.

Patrick Fabian (VfL Bochum 1848): When you are 2-0 up and even have the chance to score the third one, that a draw feels very much like a defeat. But taking the course of the play into account, we have to admit that Dresden controlled the match and put huge pressure on us, although they did not have many clear chances. Probably, the draw is deserved in the end. Unfortunately, you concede these type of goals from time to time. It was important for us today to create some stability defensively and have this as a basis for our attacking game. I think we did this very well. Then you also need a bit of luck to win games like these and we clearly lacked this, especially just before the 2-1. Dresden were very euphoric with the new manager in charge. You could see and feel that even before the match. Their fans certainly made their contribution to push their team back into the game. All in all, we might have had less control of the ball but we performed quite well today and also had the chance to regain the lead – if Simon’s shot did not went wide.

Milos Pantovic (VfL Bochum 1848): I clearly would have swapped my comeback for the three points today. The entire week, we worked on our defensive stability and how to defend together as a team. We wanted to prevent long balls and this worked out quite well. Then, we concede an unlucky goal, hold our lead until the half time whistle and concede the equaliser following a set piece. This is something that should have not happened to us but it’s a rather difficult situation we’re recently in and the atmosphere here is also very special. This morning I got the news that I would be on the team today. It’s clear that I’m still not fit enough to play the entire 90 minutes but I gave everything I had today. Now I have to regenerate for the match against Heidenheim next Friday. For me, it was easy to score the goal as the ball literally fell down in front of my feet and I just had to put it over the line. It was a long and tedious time after my first severe injury and of course it’s very nice to celebrate my comeback with a goal. Anyway, the disappointment clearly predominates, as we weren’t able to keep the lead.

Lukas Hinterseer (VfL Bochum 1848): I think we have shown clear signs of life today. After four defeats in a row with performances that were out of question, we wanted to show a better side and play with passion and heart. I think we showed that and everyone could witness that we gave everything today. Of course, there is a bitter taste as we already were 2-0 in the lead here in Dresden. We have to analyse the goals we conceded but I’m pleased with the way we fought on the pitch today and I’m already looking forward showing this new spirit on home soil next Friday. Before 1-0 I speculated that Patti would play the long ball to defuse the difficult situation. I was on side and the defenders missed their chances to reach me. Here in Dresden, the fans are especially powerful and the atmosphere after 2-1 was phenomenal and at the same time difficult for us. We fought very hard, particularly in the first half. It was an intense match and at some point you simply get a bit tired. Anyway, we kept on fighting passionately. I’m pretty sure that we would have lost a game like this last week. We as a team and as club in general intended to show another side today and we did. Unfortunately, phases like this occur and we made a first small step to get over it today. I personally want to retain what was positive today for the next weeks.