Robin Dutt (Manager VfL Bochum 1848): Compared to the last games, this match was of a very different character due to the outside conditions. Both teams were fighting passionately and there were lot of tackles on both sides. There was always a looming danger that a ball might slip through, therefore the players had to stay highly concentrated for the entire match. In the first half, Lukas Hinterseer and Jan Gyamerah had two splendid chances to put us in front as well as Tom Weilandt and once again Jan Gyamerah could have scored in the second half. On the other side, Magdeburg admittedly had their chances too. It was a physical game and tactical-wise there is not very much to analyse from my point of view. The longer the match lasted, the less important tactical instructions became. I think we’ve witnessed a deserved goalless draw.

Michael Oenning (Manager 1. FC Magdeburg): I think there is not much to add. Taking into account that our current situation looks a bit different, we can be very satisfied to have kept a clean sheet today. We took on the challenge today very well. We had a couple of problems finding the best way to defend in the first twenty minutes but we worked ourselves into the game and were able to keep the opponents away from our own goal. Yet, we even had our chances to score upfront, especially from a number of set pieces, which quite often caused danger in the box. If we had taken advantage of one of the counter attacks in the second half, we might have had a chance to win the game but in the end, Robin is quite right: it is a deserved draw. That’s important for us as we kept a clean sheet. Of course we would have wished for a home win but the outside conditions were quite obviously not ideal today. We showed a good spirit, so after all, we can live with the draw.

Stefano Celozzi (Skipper VfL Bochum 1848): We’re not satisfied with today’s result. Of course, we wanted to win. It was the tough game we all had expected and we knew in advance that the conditions would be anything but ideal today. Yet, we tried everything we could. On the positive side, we kept a clean sheet but on the other hand we wanted to take the three points back home. It was obvious that the pitch would get worse the longer the game lasted and we weren’t able to put our style of play into action. But in the end, the pitch conditions must not be an excuse for anything today.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): It was difficult to play football on this pitch today. Against opponents who are mainly focused on playing long balls from the back, it’s not easy to find a way through the defensive lines. In the second half, we even could have conceded goals against us if Magdeburg would have taken advantage of their counter attacks. Now, there are three tough opponents waiting for us until the beginning of the winter break. Perhaps, their style of play will suit us better and give us the chance to show a better performance once again. Against St Pauli next week, we’ll certainly have to show everything we’ve got to be successful.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): I think it was a tough game. Unfortunately, we need to be satisfied with today’s draw. Now, there are three strong opponents waiting for us but of course we want to beat all of them. It was obvious to everyone that it was difficult to play on this pitch today. It has reminded me of taking a walk at the beach at home, rather than playing football on a regular pitch. Anyway, this must not be an excuse. I had a big chance to score after Chung played the pass I was lurking for. I controlled the ball quite well but unfortunately the shot wasn’t ideal and went wide in the end. From now on, the main focus is on St Pauli and our strategy is clear: we want to keep the points in Bochum. That’s all that matters.