Robin Dutt (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): FC St. Pauli were the better side for a long spell in the first half due to their better build-up play and putting more pressure on us. Consequently, they had the best chance with Sami Allagui, but Manuel Riemann did well. In response to that we changed our formation from 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1, which was more of a mitigation exercise to make it into the break without conceding a goal. Fortunately, the game quietened down after this. At half-time we changed our formation for the second time. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like doing this, so my reaction was a compliment to the opposition who caused us all sorts of problems in the opening 45 minutes. With the 4-1-3-2 formation we improved by closing down the middle channel. The key players of St Pauli had less space; we managed to find more options and created some pressure going forward. Also, our positional game worked again, so we had the best chance of the second half, when Silvère Ganvoula was free in front of goal and decided to smash it. Maybe he should have side-footed it.All in all, St. Pauli were better in the first half and we dominated much of the second half. We should have agreed on a 3-3 to please everyone, but the draw is a fair result.

Jos Luhukay (Head Coach FC St. Pauli): I think that Robin is right in his assessment of the match. I think we had a very strong first half, in which we constantly tried to pressurise the opponent. When in possession we were always dangerous, so we really should have taken the lead. That would have given us more control as Bochum would have had to take more risks on the offensive. Due to VfL’s changes, we had a few moments when we found ourselves outnumbered, but I did not want to change our formation, but rather maintain pressure. We still had some opportunities in the second half, but unfortunately we failed to score.It's no excuse, but today we missed twelve players, many of whom would have been candidates for the starting eleven. So I have to say that my team has had a really good game as far as our match plan is concerned. It is a pity that the boys did not reward themselves for the effort, just like last week. But VfL dominated the second half, so it was satisfying not to have lost the game. Despite all the injuries, the team is currently performing to the maximum. The killer ball was missing today, and some players may not be determined and brave enough. The 3-3 draw proposed by Robin would have been okay. I wish VfL Bochum only the best for the new season, while we will be trying to finish the season well at Fürth.

Jannik Bandowski (VfL Bochum 1848): I am happy. In the first half it was not so easy, we barely got into the match. In the second half we competed more. It became clear that St. Pauli was not as aggressive after the break, because we held on to the ball better. We had two, three chances and if we convert one of those, we probably take the three points here, but I am also satisfied with one. As far as my future is concerned, I have not decided yet. There will be discussions, and then we’ll see. I am laid back as I am happy to be fit and playing. I want to play well against Union and I'm happy about every minute on the pitch. It was a great atmosphere, thanks to the good support of the Bochum fans, too.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): We did not start this game well. In the first half we didn’t have control, and we were lucky with a goalless draw. During the break we changed our formation, then we attacked earlier. In the end, 0-0 is fair. We’ve had a lot of bad luck this season, but we managed to stay safe in the league. We will do everything against Berlin to jump into the top half of the table. It is a great challenge for us to prevent Berlin from winning promotion in Bochum. 

Thomas Eisfeld (VfL Bochum 1848): In the first half, we found it really difficult as St. Pauli closed down the centre of midfield. Partly, we were outnumbered, but after the tactical changes we gained more control. With luck, we could have scored and taken all three points. In the end we can be satisfied with the point. We play every game to win it, and it is not nice for any footballer if the opposition celebrate promotion in your stadium. For Union, it will be an all-important match and we will give everything and hopefully keep the three points in Bochum.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): I think the draw is fair. In the first half, St. Pauli were the better team, in the second half we were. All in all, it was a game today, where both teams didn’t play for much. There were a lot of spaces on both sides, so it's even more amazing that it ended 0-0 today. I don’t want to see Union celebrating in our stadium, so it would be cool if we could somehow prevent this. For the last match day the stadium will be full – should be fun!

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Director of Football VfL Bochum 1848): I think it was a deserved draw. St. Pauli had more of the game in the beginning and better chances. We were the better team in the second half. All in all, it was a decent away game and we some chances for a winner. We constantly talk about transfers and of course there are developments. But we will talk to the players again before we make final decisions.