Robin Dutt  (Head coach VfL Bochum 1848): We put in a decent performance for quite some time, dominating the opposition and not giving anything away. Especially before conceding the first goal, we created two or three good chances, but we couldn’t put the ball through the net. Sandhausen played the way they had to at the bottom of the league: Closing down spaces, putting in challenges and breaking quickly. A set-piece led to Sandhausen’s lead and afterwards it was a completely different ball game, in which we couldn’t pile on the pressure anymore. The second goal resulted from a misunderstanding between our goalie and central defender. Then we were shown a totally unnecessary red card. All this lead to a 3-0 defeat that was well-deserved because of the second half.

Uwe Koschinat (Head coach SV Sandhausen 1916): My colleague has just said it and I’d like to reiterate it: For some reason, the match changed at some point before the first goal. There was more intensity and less footballing quality, which ultimately benefited us. We have to be realistic and admit that we were chasing shadows for a long time, and that we played a lot of stray passes and made easy mistakes. These multiplied when Bochum were fore-checking. We also frequently surrendered the ball straight after winning it. The opposition created several chances as we didn’t deal well with their gegenpressing. If we had fallen behind, it would have turned into an extremely game. In the course of the second half there were some key moments when the tackles became grittier and so our opponents had to look for easy solutions. Then we took the lead and after that, it turned into a typical Sandhausen match, personified by Tim Knipping who has come back from injury and was a decisive factor today. He scored our first goal and won lots of challenges in the air. Another leader on the pitch was Dennis Diekmeier who takes control and leads the team when going gets tough. That’s how we gradually worked our way into the match.
In the end, 3-0 sounds a lot more comfortable than it was in the first hour. The win’s a great relief with all our competitors collecting points at the bottom of the table. We needed the points and my team rose to the challenge admirably.

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848): I received a clear shove in the back before they scored their first goal, so I couldn’t rise for the header. But then we didn’t react well to falling behind. We didn’t convert our chances, and that’s how a game can always change direction. That’s exactly what happened today, with no come-back from us at all. Now we have to draw our conclusions. Even if the first half was a closely run affair, we played Ok then but did not take our good chances. Now we have to pick ourselves up and focus on the next match.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): I think we played a decent first half but completely lost the plot towards the end, which is bitter. We conceded the first goal from a dead ball situation in a spell we seemed to be close to taking the lead. After that, the opposition fought tooth and nail and wasted time, to which we had no answer.

Patrick Fabian (VfL Bochum 1848): Losing here doesn’t meet our expectations, that much is clear. We are very frustrated by the way this defeat came about. But the 3-0 defeat is a fact, and we have to cope with that. We had our scoring opportunities and the goals conceded were completely unnecessary; that’s how you lose these games. Of course, the first goal from a set-piece and the second goal should never happen. Before the second goal, I hear a call that I have lots of time, but apparently that wasn’t the case, after all. But it’s not a question of who made the mistake. In a game like today’s, you are immediately punished for mistakes.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): There are some relatively easy explanations. In a harmless set-piece situation, I make a wrong decision and the opponents get to the ball and it is enough for them to steer it towards our goal to score. It’s a pity but in Bundesliga 2, mistakes are immediately punished.
After Sandhausen took the lead, we tried to crank up the pressure. The second goal wasn’t Patrick Fabian’s fault as I told him he had loads of time but the attacker got to the ball more quickly than I had expected. Patti then stays off the ball while I had expected him to head the ball back, and that’s us 2-0 down. It’s annoying but water under the bridge.
Each week, we have to discuss the same issues. We lost a match today, now we have to go away and learn from our mistakes. We will prepare for our next opposition, and next Saturday, there will be another match.