Robin Dutt (Manager VfL Bochum 1848): Darmstadt definitive belong to the three nastiest opponents in the league. They take on every challenge and are very hard to play against. So, the match developed on two different levels. We were eager to find a solution to outplay a well organised and powerful side. On the other hand, it was also a real fight. The lads covered long distances and gave their all. I think, we finally racked up a deserved victory – even though it was tight, not uncontested. Darmstadt had a clear cut effort right before the goal that put us in front. But after taking the lead we did a much better job than in the recent games. Ganvoula and Saglam were able to relieve some pressure after they were sent on. Of course, in the finaly minutes our knees began to buckle, as we were aware what had happened in the last few weeks. But we racked up a win and are looking forward to the break for international caps due to the recovery of our numerous sidelined players.

Dirk Schuster (Manager SV Darmstadt 98): Congrats to Robin and VfL for their victory. It was an unnecessary defeat. We knew that VfL would be trying to set up their combination play including deep forward passes. We prevented that in most cases and could even perform our own attacking play. Why am I talking about unnessecary? I’m talking about the 60th minute, when Mehlem failed with a clear cut chance appearing alone in front of the goal. Almost on a counter attack we concede the goal that puts VfL in front. Certainly, Weilandt’s solo run was brilliant, but we must show a better defending in that very situation. We were trying everything until the final whistle. From a fighting persepective it was a decent away game. Still, it feels uncomfortable to head home with that loss. I t was a rough match. VfL were the better team, which makes their win not undeserved. We need to turn off those minor mistakes to score some points.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): I did feel good today and were trying to accelerate and shoot on the target during the first half. All things finally fitted perfectly together when I scored the goal. I had to get rid of the first opposing player to gain some space before I could move to the central position. I liked playing on the playmaker’s position, actually. I feel the trust of the manager, which makes it easy to give something back. We were aware of this fixture’s meaning, after being painfully hit with late goals against us in additional time in the last two matches. You always have to work hard until the very last minute, which we really did today. Now we can build on that important win.

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): I think, we did not perform that confident as we should have done as we needed to score a second goal. In such games the opponent could score out of the blue. We have to act cleverer and seal the deal much earlier. Nevertheless, this was a very important and hard-earned win, so we’re okay with the narrow score. We could cope with the situation of our injury worries, including the temporary absence of Chung Yong Lee. We are a good squad, that’s why we can. After the Aue game we are looking forward to some nice fixtures against direct league rivals, in which I hope we can sore some some points as well.

Görkem Saglam (VfL Bochum 1848): I had a long conversation with the manager and showed some impressive performances in the training sessions. I’m very ambitious. You always keep waiting for your minutes on the pitch, today I’ve been given some. Even better that things worked out that well. Of course, things have been pretty tough for me so far, but you cannot do more than keep on training and refining yourself. We are a well-staffed squad where everybody gets his chance. Today it was mine to prove I’m a reliable player and I think I used it. I wish to get more minutes on the pitch in the future. But for now, let’s wait and see. As for me, I’ll continue throwing myself into the training sessions.