Robin Dutt (Manager VfL Bochum 1848): Of course, I’m satisfied looking at the result, but I’m actually not a hundred per cent satisfied with the game itself. The first half was quite decent. We played a good attacking game and had numerous efforts – especially over the right. But, we also were a little thoughtless in certain situations of the first part. The opening minutes of the second half were not good at all, we kind of get off our track, not being in that much possession as in the first half. After our two substitutions we were again able to control the match for large parts. But it’s absolutely unacceptable to encourage Duisburg in the final stage of the game. I’m not only talking about the unnecessary goal against us. In the end you’re even lucky not conceding the equalizer – and all this in a match that you must actually rack up a sure win. You could see what the team is able to perform for large stages of the match, but at the same time we have to improve ourselves.

Torsten Lieberknecht (Manager MSV Duisburg): Congrats to Robin and VfL to that win. My conclusion is pretty mediocre. I am not satisfied with today’s result, because I think that not the worse team lost today. We had a good start, had some nice efforts and some decent dangerous counter attacks. After all, I had the feeling that we could still be able to turn the match around with one or two slight changes in the second half. The second half showed that the team is alive and would have had the ability to turn the game around.

Simon Zoller (VfL Bochum 1848): It is a good feeling to score three important points, although it got quite thrilling shortly before the final whistle. I had a remarkable debut and I hope that thing keep going that well. Today I could help the team, still, some things need to be improved. I noticed that and will catch up with these things in the next couple of weeks.

Patrick Fabian (VfL Bochum 1848): I‘ve not scored that many goals, so I almost forgot how it feels like. Now I can understand the strikers: it is a really good feeling when your see the ball hitting the back of the net. Of course, I’m very happy about my goal. We knew that Duisburg then had nothing to lose and would keep on attacking. Initially, we could cope with that quite well and regained control. In a stage when we were close to score our third goal and I actually did not expect Duisburg to score one, we literally invite them to get one back. In the final minutes of the match we had the ability and the fortune to defend all attacks and wind down the clock.

Sebastian Maier (VfL Bochum 1848): There was no necessity for the thrilling final minutes, but we can live with today’s start. We claim to be a team that in possession and dominates the opponent. Well, that only makes sense when scoring goals as well. We scored two excellent timed goals, and we could have easily scored another one looking at the course of the game. But then, we’re again lacking concentration and the performance gets worse, which is currently quite typically for us. In the first half of the campaign we might have even conceded the equalizer. Maybe it is a good omen for the second half of the season that we were able to that this did not happen this time. We gained high quality by our new signings Baumi and Zolli. As for myself, I feel in a sparkling form again.

Dominik Baumgartner (VfL Bochum 1848): It felt really good. We had a good start into the game, scored two early goals and even had numerous chances to go for the 3-0. We urgently need to score our third goal and seal the deal. Instead, the opposing side tries everything to attack and even manages to get one back. So it turns into a real fight. I’m going to make it a tough decision for our manager to deploy the defence positions. I think I, and Patti Fabian as well, showed a good performance, Hoogi is a brilliant centre-back, too. The whole squad has a very high quality. It is amazing to play for VfL and in front of such a remarkable crowd. In Austria we had an average atendance of 5,000, here it’s 18,000 creating a stunning atmosphere. Before I signed for Bochum, I realized that the league is of close quality. That is why I’m sure I’m going to have an awesome time in Bochum.