After eight unsuccessful attempts, the curse has finally been broken: VfL Bochum 1848 won their home match against RB Leipzig 1-0! They gave everything for 90 minutes and had the necessary luck at the end - a game full of madness! That's the way things go "anne Castroper. And who scored the winning goal? Erhan Masovic, of course!

VfL Bochum 1848 had one more Bundesliga match to play before the international break. On matchday 25, RB Leipzig, third in the table, came to the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. A big challenge, but not impossible. VfL head coach Thomas Letsch fielded the same eleven as in our 2-0 away win in Cologne. Understandable - there was no reason to change anything.

This is how the game went:

1' The ball is rolling. Let's go, VfL!

1' First chance for VfL. Only 30 seconds played. Toto plays a lovely deep pass, Asano is lurking, but unfortunately doesn't hit the ball perfectly. A good chance.

3' Next chance for Blue-and-White. Stöger and Antwi-Adjei play a one-two, Antwi-Adjei puts in a cross. It is cleared for a corner.

5' Really good opening phase from us. We are pressing early and don't let Leipzig into the game. Keep it up, boys!

6' Leipzig can break away from our pressing for the first time. But we defend well and don't give them a shot.

7' Phew, so close! Stöger sprints towards RB keeper Blaswich, whose clearance hits our midfield strategist. Lucky for the visitors that the ball doesn't end up in their goal. We are in this match!

10' Lucky us. First promising chance for RB. Silva mishits the ball, and we can clear at the last moment.

14' Next yellow card, this time to a VfL player. Masovic clearly trips Werner, the warning is justified.

15' Could turn into a rough afternoon. Already two cautions after such a short period of play.

17' Silva is down after an aerial duel with Ordets. That was nothing... so there's no free kick. But it's a pity that you interrupt the flow of the game by such actions.

20' The first monster tackle from Soares this afternoon! Stops a Leipzig counter-attack with his strong tackle. So important!

22' Dangerous. Werner has a free shot, but fortunately misses by a country mile.

24' Our pressing is having an effect. A blatant mistake in Leipzig's build-up play. We almost take the lead.

25' We are lucky down the other end. Werner plays a pass to the far post. Soares gets to the ball and clears it together with Riemann. Very important!

26' We go on the counter-attack. Long ball from Soares to Antwi-Adjei. Our winger sprints through, Orban stops him at the last moment. Otherwise he would have had a clear shot.

30' There's a moment of calm. Both sides use the moment to catch their breath.

32' Free kick Szoboszlai. Not a bad position, but it goes well over.

35' Soares, Soares, Soares! Our left-back throws himself into every duel, extinguishes the next RB attack.

38' After Stöger wins the ball well, Asano has a chance to shoot from 25 metres. Unfortunately, his shot is blocked.

40' First corner for Leipzig. There is no danger, the ball was probably already out of the goal.

42' Great clearance by Stafylidis! He clears the ball ahead of Riemann in the eighteen-yard box.

44' Yellow for Soares. Nothing bad. Fifth yellow card for our left-back, who will have to sit out the next game in Frankfurt.

45' Another cross from Antwi-Adjei. RB keeper Blaswich intercepts it.

Half-time: 0-0 at half-time. Balanced game, the score is fair. Neither side had a real chance to score. Sometimes a rough game, referee Sascha Stegemann has already dished out three yellow cards. Everything is possible in the second half!

46' Let's go on. No changes on either side.

48' GOOOAAAL for VfL! And who scores? Erhan Masovic! Our centre-back has turned into a goal scorer! He scores his fourth goal of the season. Long throw-in from Antwi-Adjei, Hofmann gets his head to it, Asano heads towards goal. Blaswich blocks the ball, but Masovic heads in the rebound. 1-0 for VfL!

49' What an outstanding start to the second half. Immediately took the lead. It can go on like this!

52' Free kick Szoboszlai. Goes well over the goal again.

55' Free kick for RB. Leipzig call for a yellow card for Soares. But it wasn't that bad at all. Nevertheless, it makes sense that Heintz is warming up. Will probably come on soon.

56' Antwi-Adjei sprints down the left. His cross, which turns into a shot, whizzes past the far post.

57' The visitors increase the pace. But we manage to prevent clear opportunities.

58' Heintz replaces Soares. A sensible change by VfL head coach Thomas Letsch.

61' Almost 2-0 . Superb run by the quicksilver Antwi-Adjei. Spots Asano outside the box. Our Japanese player has the second goal on his foot, but shoots just over the box.

64' There is more and more space because Leipzig have to take more risks. Asano and Antwi-Adjei are always on the lookout for counter-attacks.

65' Shot by Silva on the turn. A case for Riemann, who collects it.

66' Frantic stuff now. Now another VfL attack. Hofmann passes to Osterhage, who unfortunately doesn't hit the ball perfectly.

67' Werner shoots from distance. Central to Riemann, no danger.

68' Asano and Antwi-Adjei are unstoppable for Leipzig's defence. It's a shame that they haven't rewarded themselves with a goal yet.

69' Three substitutions for us. Holtmann, Förster and Kunde come on. Antwi-Adjei, Asano and Stöger are off.

71' First action from substitute Förster. Free kick from the left, Ordets lurking. He doesn't quite get to it. But he immediately breaks up the counter-attack, very good.

75' Olmo receives a yellow card for a foul on Stafylidis.

75' Substitute Kunde is also immediately involved in the game. He keeps Laimer at bay with his body and breaks up an RB attack.

77' Hofmann is also enormously important for our team when it comes to defending set-pieces. He clears a Leipzig free kick.

78' Olmo shoots from distance. Clearly over.

83' The crowd is announced. 24,400 are here, thank you for coming!

84' Heintz with another strong performance after coming on as a substitute, as he did in Cologne. He clears for a corner.

85' Osterhage is down after a blocktoo bad against Forsberg. Hopefully nothing worse.

86' Our number 6 can continue.

87' Fifth change for us. Lampropoulos on to secure the lead, Osterhage goes off.

88' Another corner for us.

89' Riemann! Olmo shoots from a distance, our goalkeeper drops it. But he can recover it, which is important!

90' Riemann again! He pushes Forsberg's header away for a corner!

90' Four minutes of injury time.

90' What is Manu doing here!? Olmo from point-blank range, Riemann blocks again!

90'+2 Silva rushes towards goal but can't beat Manuel Riemann!

90'+3 That's sick! Szoboszlai slaloms through the penalty box, but his shot hits the inside of the post. And from there it ends up in Riemann's arms!

90'+4 The last minute of injury time. Come on, let's do this!

Full-time: YEEEEAAAAAAH! The game is over! We beat RB Leipzig for the first time ever, and that after a completely crazy final phase! Masovic and Riemann are the heroes in blue and white, but the whole team showed an incredible mentality today!

Now it's time to take a breather, next week is the international break. After that, it's on to the floodlight match at Eintracht Frankfurt (Friday, 31 March, 8:30 p.m.).

VfL Bochum 1848: Riemann - Soares (58. Heintz), Mašović, Ordets, Stafylidis, Losilla, Osterhage (87. Lampropoulos), Stöger (69. Kunde), Antwi-Adjei (69. Holtmann), Hofmann, Asano (69. Förster)

Goals: 1-0 Mašović (48.)