Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum 1848 Head Coach): "It was important for me that the team showed everyone tonight what they can really do. I think many members of the media have criticised us heavily lately- at times correctly so. We’ve had several discussions. One of the points made was that we have to up the tempo, challenge 50/50s more frequently and with greater fight. We said that we could use this game against a great team to gain self-confidence, and I feel we have. We held out for a long time, had great moments. It's a bit of a shame, of course. As a coach, of course, you start to believe when it gets to 80, 81 minutes and your team is 1-0 up. But one has to say this: FC Bayern have enormous quality. I'm proud that we were able to distance ourselves from the type of performances that we’ve seen from us of late in the league. This here right now, this performance, is the benchmark for the league now. What counts for us now is the match against Nürnberg on Monday night, and with today's attitude we will go in the right direction.

Niko Kovac (FC Bayern München head coach): "I think Bochum did a great job. We did a lot wrong in the first 60, 70 minutes. We gave the ball away too often, and we weren’t able to control the game. With the substitutions of Philippe Coutinho and Thomas Müller we were able to penetrate more, the spaces in behind got bigger. We had a bit of luck in the end, and that’s why we won the game. But I have to say how VfL played and how Thomas Reis coached his team after the last game in Kiel is really special. It’s a clear example of ‘if you do what the coach says, it will work’.


Sebastian Schindzielorz (Sporting Director at VfL Bochum 1848): "I think everyone today has seen that this was a proper performance from us. I would like to say one thing: We have to thank our fans for the chance they gave us. It's a very difficult time for the club, but how they were there for us today from the very first minute, and how the atmosphere grew and grew as the game went on - that shows everyone how it should be in the coming weeks. It will certainly be a different kind of game against Nürnberg, but we have to maintain the sense of togetherness and continue to regrow the synergy between supporters and the team.  


Manuel Wintzheimer (VfL Bochum 1848): It's bitter, but I think we played so well today. Everybody played at 110% for the whole 90 minutes - we can and should build on that. Everybody needs to give everything in every game, always going at full throttle. Of course we hope that we can improve and do this against Nürnberg.


Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848’s captain): "I think we played fantastically today. We were so close to taking them into extra time. In the end we were a bit tired and against such an amazing opponent, who puts you under so much pressure, it is difficult. But with this performance today, we can definitely keep on working hard. You always know that it's a bit easier to find the right motivation in games like this, which doesn't mean that we didn't have motivation before. But we showed what we can do and we have to now do that every week. We have to use the game to bounce back against Nürnberg after the game in Kiel and I don't think we could get have asked for more psychologically after today. We played bravely, had good phases with the ball and fought and defended really well together".

Simon Zoller (VfL Bochum 1848): "In terms of attitude, mentality and ball possession, we played extremely well. Nevertheless, I'm disappointed because we were strong right until the end and had Bayern on the verge of defeat. When you see how we played today, it should show us that we can and must do the same in the league. But in the end, we lost and we need to get over it quickly. Because the league is much more important. We are lagging behind and we have to take the positives from today and use it week in, week out. We have seen that we can do it. So far we haven't always succeeded. But nonetheless we have to keep doing what we did today all the time. To run and keep going in every training session and in games, and, even if it’s not going so well, to keep going in spite of it, that’s key. The game today should give us a boost. That today, on the pitch, was electrifying. We can only thank the fans for that because without them it doesn't work."

Manuel Riemann (VfL Bochum 1848): "Today I'm just proud. Of the performance and what we as a club have conjured up on the pitch today. We all went over to the fans after. That was a statement. We still have 23 cup finals now to play and in those it is important to bring that attitude back. If we do, I’m not afraid that of us reaching our goals. For the coaching team, leading players and everyone in the team, it's now a matter of focusing just as much on Monday’s match against Nuremberg. That was a good reaction today, but we'll need it in the future, too, and I think everyone has recognised that."

Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern München and ex-Bochumer): "Today you have seen what you can achieve with a great atmosphere in the stadium and a lot of passion. Bochum exhibited a really good performance today, even though we made it possible for them to do so in the first place. You have to give them a huge amount of praise for that today. Running up the stairs and through the tunnel was an amazing experience for me. It brought back so many nice memories and made me really happy."