Thomas Reis (manager VfL Bochum 1848): We started well and wanted to put pressure on our opponents right from the start because Würzburg played very well in their last games against our direct rivals. There was also a phase where we’ve been too sloppy and therefor gave our opponents the opportunities even though they were not very dangerous upfront. I wasn’t pleased with that even though we deservedly took the lead. The goals were then worth their weight in gold, the win is well-deserved. The lads were highly concentrated even though we might have decided the game a bit earlier. We are very satisfied with the three points today.

Bernhard Trares (manager Würzburger Kickers): Bochum clearly dominated the opening stages; we simply didn’t get into the game well. As time went on, we improved but then gave the goal away ourselves. Doing this, we built up our opponents in a phase where we were getting better and better into the game. Bochum played it very calmly, we didn’t use the space and were too hectic. We often didn’t make the right decisions. Taking all thin into account, Bochum’s win is highly deserved, especially as we didn’t play our best today and made too many footballing mistakes.

Saulo Decarli (VfL Bochum 1848): It wasn’t an easy game. We needed some time to figure out how to play best upfront. We were very patient and played the ball quite well. In the end, we rewarded ourselves with three beautiful goals and earned a deserved win. That we kept the clean sheet is of course even nicer for me as it is my job to prevent our opponents from scoring. But the most important thing is the three points.

Danny Blum (VfL Bochum 1848): After my long injury break, I finally was able to start today but it became more and more difficult for me in the end. Anyway, I’m absolutely satisfied with my personal performance as well as with how the team performed in total today. I think we’re the highly deserved winners today. If you’re outlined for some time, you get more and more desperate to be back on the pitch. I think everyone could see today, that we were highly motivated to play good football and we performed exactly like that. We knew that Würzburg would come here highly motivated after their recent positive results. We didn’t take it lightly and played concentrated and showed that we are the better team. Of course, it feels great to be the league leaders, we enjoy that. But now the weeks of truth are coming.

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum 1848): Compliments to the team that we played such a string game after the defeat in Aue. There is little to complain about, except that we let Würzburg play a little bit too much. It’s nice to be back on top now. We enjoy that before the weeks of decisions. Fürth are up next; it’s going to be a very interesting game. We will give everything we have and play to win. I now have taken no less than 38 shots on goal and didn’t want to work out. So, this time I thought that I might simply carry the ball into the net. I’m very happy that it finally worked out.

Robert Zulj (VfL Bochum 1848): Honestly, I’m a bit annoyed that I only scored once today, as I had at least two splendid chances to extend our lead. Hopefully I saved them for the next game. It wasn’t easy week, as we were unhappy with our performance in Aue. You have to win games like the one today because Würzburg do have a pretty strong team indeed. Certainly, the early opener helped a lot and at the end of the day our win is highly deserved. We also look at our direct rivals and the league table, but of course we primarily focus on ourselves. Because if you don’t win games like this, you won’t stay up there. Now Fürth are up next where we even have to top today’s performance again.