Thomas Reis (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): We’re really happy to have such a good start into the new year. We took on a big task. After breaking down the first half of the campaign, we wanted to allow fewer goalscoring chances for our opponents. And it has worked out quite well over large stages. In the first half, I saw a balanced match. Our plan was to put Wolfsburg under pressure from the very beginning – and we succeeded. In the second half it was a similar course of the game. Wolfsburg created some scoring chances and we managed to take the lead after we got into possession followed by a brilliant cross. In the final minutes we showed a strong defensive performance. The team did a great job. We are happy with the three points, a proper way to start into the second half of the season.

Florian Kohfeldt (Head Coach VfL Wolfsburg): Congrats to VfL Bochum and Thomas Reis for their home victory. We have to accept that we were not able to achieve a different result after 90 minutes. From my point of view, it was a typical draw that was decided by a single move. Before Bochum’s goal we had two big chances ourselves. Some things concerning the defence worked out pretty well, up front we were lacking in speed. At that point the game was touch and go. In our current situation it’s nothing unusual that we were losing in the end. But we should not complain, and we will try to achieve a better result next week.

Anthony Losilla: We worked together as a real team today. We defended properly, which was our plan actually. Overall we finally racked up a deserved win. We had a good start into the game and created some clear-cut chances. In the first half only, some details were missing to go ahead. In the end the good fortune seemed to be with us. At no point I had the feeling that we could get into difficulties again.

Milos Pantovic: I’m glad that I could help the team with my goal, and we therefore have had a great start into the new year. But finally, it doesn’t matter who’s scoring the goals. We are winning the games as a team. Staying in the league is the most important thing. Even if it’s in the 90th minute on the last matchday, I’d be fine with that. It’s awesome that we even managed to keep a clean sheet in the first fixture of the year.

Gerrit Holtmann: We knew that we were expecting a real fight. We were aware of Wolfsburg’s quality and wanted to give our all and brace ourselves against that. It’s just extremely important to start the year 2022 with a success when you did not win the last three games in a row like us. Pantovic’s goal was brilliant. Things can go on like that. If we manage to score or even win our home matches, anything is possible. But we also have to score some points away – and Mainz is the next chance to do so.