Thomas Reis (manager VfL Bochum 1848): Congrats to my colleague Ole. Looking at the way the match went this defeat is extremely disappointing. We created a number of decent chances in the first half. First Zolli misses the goal then we have to be more clinical and cleverer in a two-on-one situation. Our positional play was good, we attacked early and intercepted the deep runs. So, they didn’t have clear chances. Then we fall behind by a penalty. Nobody really noticed it in the game itself but when the VR says so, then it must have been the case. We showed a good reaction afterwards and were right back in the game. We also started well into the second half and had a good chance to even take the lead. Out of nowhere we then gave away the entire match within one minute and now we have to head back home as losers. We had one or two chances to get back into the game and taking the entire 90 minutes into account, we probably should not have to lose the game. We also knew that we must not allow Kiel to play out their dangerous counter attacks. It’s very annoying that we lost today but when you concede three goals you should not complain about losing the game.

Ole Werner (manager Holstein Kiel): I see the course of the game in a similar way. We were not satisfied with the first half. We were too passive when we had the ball. In the end, the draw at half-time was lucky for us. Even in the second half we struggled to cope with the pressure at first but then we found into the game much better. In a short time, we made consistent use of our chances. In the final stages, we defended it properly.

Danny Blum: I think it was an even match today. We literally fooled ourselves with the 1-2. In the following, we lost our grip. We concede two goals in one minute – that was a neck blow and decided the match. That’s the way it is in football – sometimes you win the 50:50-games and sometimes you lose. We now have to analyze the match, work it up and draw our conclusions from it. Now we have to regenerate and make it better against Paderborn on home soil next week.

Gerrit Holtmann: It was an intensive match today. We should have led 2-0 in the first half already. Zolli had a decent chance and so had I when I tried to put the ball across. Then, all of a sudden, Kiel are in the lead thanks to a penalty, but we manage to strike back immediately. In the second half, I clearly should have scored the 2-1. A number of small mistakes then led to Kiel’s second goal. The same goes for their third goal. We must avoid mistakes like this as they are very often immediately penalised in this league. We lost our grip after that and consequently lost the game.