Thomas Reis (manager VfL Bochum 1848): In the first half, both defensive lines did a very good job. Darmstadt had one good chance, we ourselves weren’t really able to create many chances because our plan didn’t work out fully. But you didn’t have the feeling that there would be four more goals. We were a bit too sleepy shortly after the break. Then we gained the lead following a set piece and then we just have to defend it better. We gave the game away carelessly. We have to be a bit cleverer to prevent the goals. Now we have to stand up again. It wasn’t a nice game of football, but we could have taken a point here.

Markus Anfang (manager SV Darmstadt 98): We played very well against the ball in the first half and didn’t allow clear chances. Unfortunately, we lost the ball way too often and could not really implement our match plan. Bochum did very well as well. In the second half, we took control and created a number of chances. Then we concede the 1-0 with their first shot on goal. This time it was the other way round like in the first leg; we took the lead right after the equalizer. We could have scored more goals in the end, but the result would have been too high. My compliments to my team.

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum 1848): We took the lead quite late and then conceded the equaliser shortly afterwards. That did us no good and was unnecessary after a throw-in. Then we lost our order too quickly. It was a poor night. We can’t really explain why we gave away the game that easily. Tiredness I no excuse, especially when you take the late lead. That shouldn’t happen to us. But we’ve always shown good morale after a defeat so far, and we’ll take our lessons from this game as well and want to build on our previous games against Regensburg.