Thomas Reis (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): Thank you very much for the congratulations. Of course, I also have congratulations to offer Christian Streich, on his sensational 300 game achievement. I have absolute respect for what he is building at Freiburg. You saw today how tight football can be. In Leverkusen, we didn't have the necessary luck. Today, we had the necessary luck and a very good goalkeeper. Freiburg couldn't take advantage of their many good scoring chances. I was really annoyed that we fell behind because of the standard. But then the team strengthened and continued to believe their chance would come. Milos then decided the game with another sensational goal. We are happy about the win, the three points are extremely important for us. I wish Freiburg all the best for the future. We can take a leaf out of SC Freiburg's book.

Christian Streich (Head Coach SC Freiburg): Congratulations to Thomas Reis and VfL Bochum for the win. I am a bit disappointed about this result. We played against a very intense Bochum side today in a wonderful stadium. I had a lot of fun playing here. VfL Bochum is a great club. That's football for me here, the team had a really good game. We had goal-scoring chances but failed to win because of a sensational goal by Bochum. I congratulate Bochum and am happy for the club. But we must not lose this game.

Anthony Losilla: I am always hot on our home games. When I see this incredible atmosphere here every two weeks, that's just outstanding. It gives us a lot of power and a lot of energy. The fans want to see us fight and we're happy about every point we can celebrate together. The equaliser was extremely important. It didn't give us much time to think. Milos' goal was then outstanding again. I'll gladly take these three points. We played against a very good team.

Sebastian Polter: Everyone who knows me knows that I don't just define myself by scoring goals. It's much more important to me that we win the games, especially our home games. That's what we need for our big goal: to stay in the league. As a striker, I naturally want to contribute to that and score goals. Today I was able to do that with the goal to make it 1-1, which was very important at that point because we came out of the break a bit sluggish. I'm proud of us. Milos is an absolute thoroughbred professional - it's amazing how he puts things away. Passion and emotion are what make us strong.

Milos Pantovic: "When the ball came off my foot, I felt it was going in. I'm incredibly happy that I was able to score a goal like that again. I always do my best and am happy when I can help the team. The fans are incredible. It's a shame that the stadium can't be full (due to Covid restrictions). But what the fans have delivered again today is simply unbelievable. A big compliment and a big thank you for the support.