Thomas Reis (manager VfL Bochum 1848): I think that we can speak of a lucky win today. But the way we did it showed that we have grown together as a team. Last week we gave away the win far too easy and today we defended with everything we had being one man down. Admittedly, maybe the necessary luck was on our side in one or the other situation. Sometimes you have to win games like this and today we can surely speak of a dirty win. In the first half we kept finding solutions but anyway weren’t able to find the decisive men upfront. We knew that Karlsruhe would be trying to outplay us with long diagonal balls – and that’s what they did quite well. We didn’t play physically enough and then came that curious second yellow card. That certainly didn’t help us. I have to pay my respects to the team, because they defended with all means. We are glad that we were able to end this match in our favour.

Christian Eichner (manager Karlsruher SC): Congrats to Thomas. I can only agree with his words: it was a lucky win for the away team. Right from the start, my team has shown that they wanted to win this home game. They played courageously and actively and created a larger number of good situations within the box than in the last two matches. Still, we conceded an easy goal although my team wasn’t shocked by it and kept on playing forward. But we have to be so honest that something is missing at the moment although the name Hoffmann alone can’t be that. We all have to work harder in front of goal and be more clinically. All in all, we unfortunately couldn't beat the opposing goalkeeper, Manuel Riemann also picked down the many crosses brilliantly. Now we have a situation that we have not underestimated. We knew about our opponents’ quality at the beginning of the season. In fact, we were the better team in all three matches so far. What distinguishes us from teams like Hannover and Bochum at the moment is the individual class in front of the opposing goal. When I think of Simon Zoller's goal today, it's more difficult to make use of that than many a chance we had today. We will work on that. In terms of commitment and willingness, however, I am satisfied with my team. But in the end, football is honest, which is why we lost 0-1 today.

Anthony Losilla (skipper VfL Bochum 1848): That was indeed a special game today and it was extremely physical. In the end and being one man down we fought well together. Such a victory does good. It was very good mentality from the team. Of course, not everything was perfect today, especially in terms of our style of play we’ve done better before. Anyway, we have to accept this today and be satisfied with the win. We have to push through our match plan against Osnabrück next week – with controlling the ball and more movement in general. Today it was difficult to implement as Karlsruhe pushed early.

Simon Zoller (VfL Bochum 1848): I had speculated that Manu’s long ball would come to me. The fact that the ball goes in like a lob is of course great. For me it was special feeling. I was trained here for four years and that’s something that makes the goal even more special. It’s important that we took the three points with us. We knew beforehand that it would be a tough game with many tackles and plenty of long balls. We fought hard for the entire 90 minutes. With one man less on the field at the end we may have been the luckier of the two teams, but I think the win was deserved anyway. It will be completely different game against Osnabrück – hopefully with fans on the terraces. Against St Pauli, especially in the first 80 minutes, we have shown that we have the qualities to play good football and we have to build on that. But we also have shown today that we are able to fight for the win if necessary. We have to put the two together and then we can also win on Friday.

Maxim Leitsch (VfL Bochum 1848): It was a true working victory for us today. Of course, it wasn’t the performance we want and are able to show. In Karlsruhe, games always were tough nuts to crack – they have always been a difficult team to play against. We didn’t get into the game well but scored the opener anyway. After the red card it was even more challenging. It was massively important that we secured the three points in the end. Three points away from home, that counts. Playing as left-back is not necessarily my position anymore. It was something special for me.