Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum 1848 head coach): Of course, we’re incredibly happy to have won the game. Before the game we all knew what to expect from today. I think Dresden were under even more pressure than us, but both teams urgently needed a win. We started well, kept calm and controlled our opponents without really creating chances ourselves. Our positioning could have been even better, but we didn’t give away major chances. In the second half, we wanted to be even more active and press early. Then we took the lead, and, in the immediacy after, the ref made a number of interesting decisions. In the end, they didn’t change the result but in such a tight match it certainly didn’t help to have that against us. Following the equaliser, we needed a couple of minutes to get back into the game. To win the game in the very last minute, is somehow fitting for a game like that. It was a deserved win. The lads have shown great fighting spirit and finally have had some luck sometimes needed to win a game. 

Markus Kauczinski (SG Dynamo Dresden head coach): Of course, we’re very disappointed. It was a tense game with both teams having chances to win. One could easily see that both teams are in a relegation fight, both sides often made small errors. We fell behind, fought back and scored the equaliser. After that, we created several chances but weren’t clinical enough. Most of the time, the final pass just wasn't quite there and we missed the chance to impose ourselves more on the game. From my point of view, it was an even game over the full 90 minutes. In the last minute we defended badly and conceded the goal to lose at home. A point would have been deserved but you have to be smart to get it. We have to take the blame for not getting over the line and getting a draw. 

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum 1848 skipper): That was a special match in which not much happened for a very long time. Nevertheless, it was exciting. Neither of the two teams wanted to make a mistake, but we knew that time in the game was running out for us. We noticed that our opponents were getting more and more nervous. That's how we made it 1-0, but unfortunately, we conceded the equaliser soon after off a set-piece. We didn't give up and kept on believing in ourselves. Our stroke of luck came just in the nick of time, which is very good for us. We know that we must not look at how other teams are doing. We have to focus on ourselves. Today we were able to take a very important step in the right direction for the team and the club. Now we have to follow the win up with another three points next Sunday at home. 

Vitaly Janelt (VfL Bochum 1848): Maybe this was the best moment of my short career. To score in the last second, particularly as the game was annoyingly locked at 1-1 at the time is just great. If you also count my time in the academy this is probably my first headed goal. Today it was a game with passion, fight and will. We didn't have many chances on goal, but a game like this is decided thanks to our fight. Whoever has the stronger nerve and more strength at the end wins. We were defensively stable and allowed very few chances. Luckily, we could capitalise on our stroke of luck. Everything happened so fast with the goal. I only saw that Danny had the ball, so I just thought: If not now, when? Just keep running. Of course, it's awesome that I was able to get the ball in from that angle. Now we want to take another step forward at home to Sandhausen. 

Silvère Ganvoula (VfL Bochum 1848): I was a bit surprised that I didn't play from the start. But of course, I respect the coach's decision. When I was called upon, I wanted to show that I could do better than last time. Fortunately, I scored my goal. That's why I'm very happy, not just for me but especially for the team. I want to keep scoring now, it's important for us and for my self-confidence. I will continue to work hard game after game. 

Danny Blum (VfL Bochum 1848): It was a very difficult game. You could see that there was a lot at stake here. We had to stay calm, be patient, not get frenetic. Respect to the lads that we snatched a win in this stadium. We didn't get nervous and scored in the nick of time. In the end, we're extremely happy that we can head home with three points. It took a few games before I was finally able to make my mark again with the assist for two goals. I'm glad that Silvère was there to tuck it away. And the fact that Vitaly put the ball in off my the cross at the end is of course amazing. He doesn't score too many goals, so it was all the more important today. We had to play dirty here, tackle a lot and fight hard. The savvier team won, we stayed clear in our heads for the full 90 minutes and that's why we deserved to win today. 

Sebastian Schindzielorz (VfL Bochum 1848 sporting director): The relief is enormous. First of all, I would like to thank our supporters who travelled here. With the atmosphere here, every fan who supports us in the stadium does us good. We performed well and deserved to win, although we feel more ecstatic today with a goal in the last minute. But the performance was very mature and stable, the victory was deserved in my opinion. After the equaliser I believed that we could still win. We dominated the game, were defensively solid – particularly during set-pieces. Attacking-wise we still had speed and power at the end, our goals were created nicely. Danny Blum and Silvère Ganvoula have never been criticised inside the club. It's normal during a long season to have a bit of a goalscoring drought. But both of them worked hard and today they contributed enormously to our success. Saulo Decarli and Maxim Leitsch have also consolidated their recent good form with another strong performance. I'm especially happy for Saulo, he did very well after his mistake last match. Much respect to him for that, that shows how impressive a pro he is. 


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