What a remarkable restart to the remaining 2.Bundesliga season for VfL Bochum 1848! Head coach Thomas Reis' racked up a 3-0 victory at home against FC Heidenheim and earned three important points. Due to a confident performance, with goals from Anthony Losilla, Jordi Osei-Tutu and Silvère Ganvoula, it was a well-deserved win for the lads.

Reis was forced to 'start' the restart without Danny Blum and Saulo Decarli, who were replaced by Osei-Tutu and Vasileios Lampropoulos. Robert Zulj found himself in the starting eleven in the playmaker role. Follow the game as it happened below:


5´: Great start! Early pressing from Zulj puts Heidenheim’s defence under pressure, but he was called offside.

11´: GOOOOOOAL for VfL! A brilliant freekick from Soares is headed in by 'Toto Losilla in the six-yard-box ahead of FCH 'keeper Müller. Awesome beginning to the restart!

12´: FCH have woken up now. Schnatterer’s efforts are always dangerous. Riemann makes a great save!

16´: Next attack from VfL- Zulj sets up for Gamboa on the right wing. His cross is cleared by an opposing player.

20´: Still an exciting match. In spite of the lack of fans, it feels like anything could happen anytime.

23´: Riemann drops the ball after a corner kick, but his teammates control the situation.

27´: A cross by Busch reaches the box, but Leiertz’s header misses the target by a whisker.

34´: GOOOOOOAL for VfL! Nice move from Osei-Tutu! A fine pass into the box which is picked up by Jordi, whose low shot finds its way into the net. Dynamite!


HALFTIME: Vigorous performance so far, alert from the very first minute. That’s how it’s got to be. Losilla’s header and Osei-Tutu with a stunning solo finish have put us in front – clinical conversion of chances. We start the second half two goals ahead. Keep it up, lads!


46´: Here we go again. No changes in line up for VfL, FCH make two substitutions: Schimmer and Mohr are send on for Kerschbaumer and Leipertz.

52´: Class move from Soares, his cross is almost converted by Zulj! Close!

56´: Clear-cut chance for FCH: Schnatterer cuts the ball back, Beermann finds himself alone in front of the goal, but his header is saved by Riemann.

62´: What an effort! Zulj sets up for Ganvoula, but the striker puts the ball wide!

64´: GOOOOOOAL for VfL! Ganvoula! Breathing space! VfL gets into possession, in midfield Zulj has much space, and he just places it in to the striker! Wicked pass to Silvère, clinically converted with a powerful shot! Nice!

70´: The visitors again: Beermann’s attempt is once again saved by Riemann!

79´: We are in control. Still not able to relax now.

82´: Thomas Reis keeps the lads alert. At least 10 minutes to go including injury time.

90´: Weilandt, who's come in, with another effort that goes just over the crossbar! No matter, the clock is ticking!


FULL TIME: UNREAL! A very confident performance against promotion canditates Heidenheim brings us three important points. Skipper Losilla put us in front, Osei-Tutu and Ganvoula extended the lead! 3-0, Bochum three, Heidenheim nill! Clean sheet feels good too! The restart could not have started any better!