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For VfL Bochum 1848's away game at SV Darmstadt 98 on Saturday, 7 March 2020 at 13:00 CET, here is all the important information for the travelling VfL fans.


Arrival & Parking

The away sector is located on the east side of the “Merck Stadium am Böllenfalltor” and can be reached via a small forest path. We kindly ask you not to use the main entrance gates. Access to the away sector via the main entrances is not possible.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Darmstadt have been an “Umweltzone” (environmental zone) since November 1, 2015. Parts of the city may only be entered with an appropriate badge on your car. In addition, a diesel driving ban has been in effect on two sections of Heinrichstraße and Hügelstraße since June 1, 2019.


Arrival by car and coach

The guest parking garage (P4) for cars is located in the Eugen-Kogon-Straße (formerly Petersenstraße). Access to the car park is via Heinrichstraße. Due to the rental of parking facilities at the University of Darmstadt, SV Darmstadt are obliged to charge a parking fee. The parking fee for cars is 5, - EURO. Coaches can be parked in the coach parking lot in Alarich-Weiss-Straße (P5, access also via Heinrichstraße and Eugen-Kogon-Straße). Coaches are obliged to pay a parking fee of 20, - EURO. Please keep the fee ready to guarantee a speedy processing. From the parking lots you can reach the away sector (access Waldkasse Nord) by foot in 5-10 minutes. Please follow the stewards’ orders which show you the way.


The following approach is recommended:

A 5 or A 67 to the Darmstädter Kreuz exit, then A 672 in the direction of the city centre until you reach Rheinstraße. Coaches are allowed to stop at the info point (shortly after the exit of the motorway) and be guided by police pilots to the guest parking lot. More detailed arrangements are made directly between our contact person for traffic measures and the bus drivers.


Car drivers can follow the football symbol to the destination Guest Parking / Parking Lot of the TU Darmstadt.


If you arrive via the B 26 from Dieburg, please also follow the signs to the stadium. These will lead you via Heinrichstraße into Eugen-Kogon-Straße.


Arrival by train

The journey by train is possible with regular trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG to Darmstadt main station. From there change to the VIAS-Odenwaldbahn in the direction of Groß-Umstadt/Wiebelsbach and get off at the stop TU-Lichtwiese. After a walk of about 15 minutes you will reach the stadium's guest entrance.


Stadium and ticket office opening

The box office for away fans and the guest entrance open 90 minutes before kick-off. Please note the organisational instructions before each game. In order to avoid unnecessary crowding in the entrance areas, we encourage you to arrive early. The game will be started punctually, regardless of visitors waiting outside the stadium.


Important note: For away fans with a ticket for the away sector, the entrance will be at the Waldkasse Nord. Access via the home area is not possible. Access to the away sector with tickets for the home area is also not possible. We also recommend that you do not wear club colours for the away team in the home area or refuse access to blocks A, S1 and S2 and the back straight.



Admission tickets can only be purchased through the guest association.


Standing: 15, - EURO regular; 13, - EURO reduced.

Seating: 25, - EURO


Reduced-price tickets for the standing tiers are available for the following groups of people upon presentation of the appropriate ID: Members, pupils, students, trainees, pensioners and severely disabled persons. In addition, standing tier tickets can be upgraded to seating tickets at the away box office (of course, only as long as the stadium or the corresponding areas are not sold out).


Fan paraphernalia

SV Darmstadt 98 would like to encourage the creativity of guest fans in the “Merck Stadium am Böllenfalltor” and allows outgoing possibilities beyond the fan paraphernalia mentioned in the recommendation of the AG Fanbelange/Fanarbeit.

For the approval of the above-mentioned fan paraphernalia, we also coordinate with the safety authorities, so that we need a timely registration. As a rule, we have been able to approve the requests without any restrictions so far, but like any club we are bound by infrastructural and official restrictions.

Furthermore, the approval of banners and choreographies, which are not mentioned in Annex 9 of the safety guidelines anyway, is only granted after timely registration and examination by the relevant safety authorities.

In addition, all fan items, such as banners, fence flags, etc., which are to be used in the stadium must be able to prove that they meet fire protection class B1.

By communicating via the fan representative (of the away club) a satisfactory solution is sought for all parties, so that we can enjoy the games at the Böllenfalltor together. The fan paraphernalia listed below with instructions for their use are welcome in Darmstadt. If the number of the fan paraphernalia listed below is not sufficient, further fan paraphernalia can be requested for approval:


- 5 large swinging flags (from 2m pole length, from 2x2m size). Preliminary information about the number of fan items with the legitimation via the fan representatives of the respective host club to avoid irritations at the admission control

- Maximum 3 drums

- Maximum 3 megaphones (up to 12 spare batteries possible via the away fan representative)

- Fence flags: non-discriminatory, not against good morals, no call for violence. Fence flags may be attached to the bottom of the fence in front of the guest block, provided that no emergency exit signs are covered

- Swivel flags and double holders: Up to 2m pole length, up to 2x2m size, solely cable tubing or comparable hollow materials


The release of the standard fan paraphernalia is a leap of faith to your fan scene. Only your behaviour will determine whether this can be practised in the following years.



Special actions such as banners or tifo material must be announced to the fan representatives of SV 98 via the fan support of the visiting team at least 14 days before the match. Until 7 days before the match SV 98 must have all necessary information (e.g. B1 material) to be able to check what can be allowed due to the security situation. Please contact your fan support with all inquiries, we will find a regulation in agreement and inform you. SV Darmstadt explicitly point out that it is not allowed to bring pyrotechnic objects into the “Merck Stadium am Böllenfalltor”! Away fans who are found with such items at the entrance controls will be banned from the stadium immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot approve block flags due to official orders.


The following is not permitted:

- Throwing objects (e.g. cash register and/or toilet paper rolls)

- Glass and PET bottles as well as cans and other stable beverage containers

- Fireworks, rockets, Bengal fire, smoke powder and other pyrotechnic articles

- Gas fanfares (can/blowing agent container)

- Weapons of all kinds, such as cutting, stabbing, thrusting and firearms, and similarly dangerous objects

- Block flags

- Projectiles

- Laser Pointer

- Alcoholic beverages and drugs of all kinds

- Chargers and PowerBanks

- Selfie-Sticks

- Navigation devices

- Taking measures that are appropriate and, under the circumstances, intended to prevent the identification, in particular by disguising oneself (see also the Stadium Regulations and the Hazard Prevention Regulations for the “Merck Stadium am Böllenfalltor”)


Backpacks or larger bags must be left at the entrance area and picked up there after the end of the game. The drop-off is on the left side of the box office.

Fan paraphernalia (e.g. flags, drums) will be inspected at the entrance by the security staff. Please allow sufficient time, as here too no consideration can be given to the kick-off time. Also use the right entrance of the separation.

Please also note that it is forbidden to climb the fences and enter the interior.


Representative for the disabled

The representative for the disabled of SV 98 is Tomas Vollmar. He can be reached by e-mail at behindertenbeauftragter@sv98.de or by mobile phone at 0151/22746271. If you are travelling with a wheelchair, please contact our representative for the disabled in advance. Further information can be found here.

Important note for guest fans arriving in a wheelchair: Access to the parking spaces for wheelchair users is exclusively via the main entrance (Nieder-Ramstädter Straße). Please consider this when planning your journey.


Contact person

Marian Müller from the fan support team will be on site on match day.