The second round of the DFB Cup game against German record league and cup champions FC Bayern Munich has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 8 pm (all times CEST). The match will be broadcast live on Sport1.

Ticket sales for VfL season ticket holders and club members who were members before the cup draw will start on Wednesday, 11 September 2019 at 8:00am. The price list for the cup game can be found here.

The sale takes place mainly using the Online Ticket Shop found on our website  We are unable to post any tickets. Tickets can be booked using the free print at home option or can be downloaded as a MobileTicket. These tickets also entitle the holder to free travel in the VRR area on matchday (for details see FAQs in the Online Ticket Shop).

Season ticket holders and/or club members who have not yet accessed the online ticket shop will receive an authorisation code by post in the coming days. This is directly linked to the membership/season ticket and ensures correct registration. DO NOT RE-REGISTER BEFORE RECEIVING THE LETTER, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY A TICKET!

Two different memberships cannot be combined to buy more than two tickets. If you have a season ticket, you can purchase the respective season ticket seat and an additional ticket. This means that a maximum of two tickets are offered per person.

For season ticket holders and members without Internet access, we offer a limited number of tickets in the fan shop at the stadium centre. From 8:00am on 11 September, 1,000 standing tickets in the East Stand and 250 seated tickets in Block B and in Block G can be purchased there. There you have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for a maximum of one additional VfL member or one VfL season ticket holder. The advance booking authorisation (i.e. season ticket or membership card) must be available as an ORIGINAL copy. A photocopy or a photo on the smartphone is not sufficient. At this point, VfL Bochum 1848 points out that long queues are unavoidable, as every ticket booking must be personalized in the name of the buyer. In order to avoid long queues, we strongly recommend booking through the online ticket shop as mentioned above.

Double bookings Fanshop/Onlineshop are technically not possible, i.e. it makes no sense to queue at the Fanshop after a successful purchase via the Onlineshop. There is NO sale in the Fanshop Ruhr Park, at Bochum Marketing in the Huestr. or in the CTS advance booking offices.

Information for VfL season ticket holders:

Holders of a season ticket purchased before and on 31 August 2019 have the right of first refusal to purchase their original season ticket or a reserved standing room ticket. The reservation is valid up to and including Wednesday, 18 September 2019, until 5 p.m. and expires at the end of this period. Here, too, we strongly recommend the conversion of the season ticket seats in the Ticket Online Shop, as long waiting times are expected in the Fan Shop. Season ticket holders who did not purchase a season ticket until after 31 August 2019 are not entitled to a season ticket seat reservation and also have no right of first refusal for this match.

Note: In cases in which the change of the season ticket place as well as the purchase of an additional ticket is desired, two bookings must be made for technical reasons. The VfL urgently recommends booking the desired additional seat first via the stadium seating plan, only then should the guaranteed reserved season ticket seat be booked. The reservation of the season ticket seat can be found in the customer account under "Reserved Tickets". Season tickets are reserved as standard at the full-payer price. If you are entitled to a discount, the discount level must be selected accordingly in the reservation.

The VfL would like to point out at this point that no discounts are offered to club members due to the revenue sharing in DFB Cup games.

For organisational reasons, the following season tickets cannot be converted in the Ticket Online Shop:
- Season tickets for wheelchair users and their seats for accompanying persons
- Season tickets in Block H2
- Season tickets for persons up to and including 15 years of age
- In cases in which more than two season tickets are booked for one person/company

In these cases the purchase of season tickets is only possible in the fan shop at the stadium centre, alternatively by telephone on 0234/9518-100 on the day of the start of the sales.

Black market and third party sales, unauthorised ticket outlets, viagogo, eBay:

VfL Bochum explicitly warns against buying tickets via third-party ticketing platforms such as viagogo or eBay/eBay classified ads. VfL will take legal action against any form of profit-oriented resale.

This applies even in cases of abuse of the right of first refusal by club members and season ticket holders, e.g. when passing on tickets to black marketeers and unauthorised advance booking offices, the respective persons will be sanctioned in accordance with our ATGB.

Official secondary ticket market (clubsale):

The authorized distribution of admission tickets, e.g. in case of illness, is only possible in our online ticket shop with our fully integrated second-market (TIXX-Clubsale). With the help of TIXX-Clubsale, holders of personalized single tickets have the opportunity to resell tickets for this game conveniently in an official way. If the sale is carried out via the secondary market option of the online ticket shop, the original ticket is electronically blocked and then released as a new ticket. The service fee for this offer is ten percent of the original ticket price. In return, however, the seller has the security of receiving his money from VfL Bochum 1848 and the buyer can be sure that it is a valid ticket.

The secondary market functionality is automatically activated at the start of the advance sale in the ticket online shop and can be found under "My Account". Please note that the sales opportunities depend on supply and demand and that VfL Bochum cannot guarantee that the tickets offered will be sold. If the tickets are not sold or if the offer is withdrawn, the original ticket will of course retain its eligibility.

NOTE: The purchase of secondary market tickets is only possible for VfL club members and season ticket holders who have not yet purchased a maximum of two tickets.