Worldwide, 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. Football also takes part in these commemoration events. On matchdays 19 and 20 in the 2.Bundesliga, the "16th Remembrance Day in German Football" will take place, in which VfL will of course also be involved with various activities. Under the title "Nie wieder!", football will commemorate the liberation of the surviving prisoners of Auschwitz by the Soviet Red Army, which happened 75 years ago. 

The Nazis ruthlessly persecuted and murdered, and "Nie wieder!" stands for the idea that never again in Germany will somone be discriminated against on theground of their faith, their race, or their sexual orientation. In Auschwitz alone, more than one million people were slaughtered in the Second World War. The common goal of "Remembrance Day in German Football" is to make a contribution to the culture of remembrance and to work for a respectful coexistence with every walks of society.

VfL will be covering the 16th Remembrance Day on the stadium TV monitors, in the VfL-ECHO and via social media. VfL have already dealt with this important topic in the past. Last November, for example, the educational trip to Buchenwald took place for the second time. On a trip lasting several days, organised by VfL and the Bochum fan project, fans saw first hand the extent of Nazism. The educational trip included visits to Buchenwald concentration camp and the Topf&Söhne memorial site. You can find a video of the visit on Youtube.

In the run-up to the HSV game, participants of the trip will be interviewed on the field on Monday.

At this point we would like to explicitly refer to our mission statement. Racism, discrimination and exclusion have no place at VfL. We stand for equality, tolerance and fair play.