5. Matchday

VfB Stuttgart
2: 1
VfL Bochum 1848VfL Bochum 1848

Mo,  02.09.201920:30 2. Bundesliga

In the first game after Robin Dutt's departure, VfL performed courageously in Stuttgart, but succumbed to defeat against VfB Stuttgart 1-2. In a promising first half, the hosts broke the deadlock through Didavi ('19). Silvère Ganvoula's third shot in the game brought about the equalizer ('40), but unfortunately VfB scored a great goal shortly after the half to take the lead again ('48), which they held on to until the full time whistle.

In the hotly billed 2nd Bundesliga match, VfL Bochum 1848 faced a newly-relegated Stuttgart on Monday evening in front of 48,624 Swabian spectators. In the Bochum dugout was interim co-coach Heiko Butscher, who had prepared the team for the task ahead. Two changes were made by "Butsche" after 3-3 against Wehen Wiesbaden last week: Newcomer Cristian Gamboa took over from Bella-Kotchap at right-back, and Osei-Tutu started at right wing in place of Pantović.

2': Good start! Losilla gets the ball in midfield, then to Janelt before passing it to Osei-Tutu, whose cross is blocked from right to win the first corner. The corner doesn't come to anything, though.

4': First opportunity for the VfB! After a corner, the hosts stay threatening, and Phillips shoots past the post from 15 yards.

11': Wamangituka wins on the right side and trys to bring in the ball from the baseline, but Lorenz still gets the ball.

12': Unlucky! Janelt plays the ball into Blum in the Stuttgart half, but the VfL counterattack is too imprecise. Ganvoula is offside, just!

16': Chance for VfB! Klement enters the Bochum penalty area on the left, the ball squirms a few centimetres past the right goalpost. Close!

19': GOAL for the VfB. Didavi comes in from the left side and is just onside, he collects the ball and from a sharp angle he slams the ball into the net. That's the lead for the hosts.

23': Almost a quick equalizer! Ganvoula wins a race against Phillips and hits it into the bottom left corner, but Kobel parries well. Damn!

28': It's too easy for the Swabians: Wamangituka has too much time to cross, Al Ghaddioui has far too much space at the back post. Luckily for VfL that the Stuttgart player slips when he receives the ball and can't finish properly.

29': Another big chance for Ganvoula! Osei-Tutu asserts himself robustly in a 50-50 and slips in the Congolese, who curves a shot just wide of the post!

33': Another chance for VfL! Ganvoula holds onto the ball and lays it down well for Osei-Tutu, who, unfortunately waits too long to finish. In the end, his shot goes to the goal, but Kobel has the ball in his grasp.

35': Now Stuttgart! At the edge of the penalty area there is a free kick for the home team, and the cross fom Castro is headed over the bar by Al Ghaddioui.

40': GOAAAL for VfL!!! The equaliser! Blum hits a corner over to the back post, Ganvoula remains calm. First he skillfully takes the ball down, then he hits a shot firmly into the bottom right corner. Class!

41': Injury-related change at VfL: Maier can't take any further part, Pantovic comes on for our number 7.

45´+1: Oh man! That should have been the Bochum lead. Ganvoula latches onto a poor Stuttgart pass, the offensive man driving toward alone toward Kobel. But then he decides to take the pass to Osei-Tutu, who is on his bike. But the pass is broken up by the opponent.

Half time! Take a deep breath! Many chances on both sides here. In the defense the VfL was caused problems by VfB's attack, but we too have had some chances addition. There's not much in this!

46': We are back on! The VfL begins the second period with the same side, whilst VfB have made one change: Gonzales comes on for Al Ghaddioui.

48': TOR for the VfB! What a tough start to the second half. The substitute Gonzales pulls right into the 18 yard box and hits a worldie into the top right corner; great goal it must be said.

52': The VfL look to respond immediately. Osei-Tutu makes headway on the right side, but his cross is cleared for the corner.

58´: Almost the third Stuttgart goal. Didavi with the sharp cross to Gonzales, who only gets the tip of his foot on the ball. Dangerous!

63': Decarli stops Wamangituka on the right wing of Stuttgart and gets a yellow card.

64': The subsequent free kick is a dangerous one. Klement sees Didavi at the back post, he takes the ball and crosses it in. Riemann had it covered though.

73´: Little going on now in this phase at both ends...

77´: Soares from an acute angle! But Kobel watches it and steers the ball over the bar with his fingertips.

79´: Blum can't continue due to an injury. Eisfeld comes for the final 10!

80´: HUGE! Oh man. Janelt with the strong throughball into the run of Pantovic, who sees Ganvoula in the middle. From three meters Kobel saves in what seemed to be a certain goal.

81´: Bochum again! Ganvoula has the ball on the right, pulls it back sharply into the middle. A Stuttgart defensive leg clears for a corner. The corner is then harmless.

83´: All a bit hectic in the VfL penalty area, at the end a shot from the distance is dealt with.

84´: Insua runs centrally towards the goal and shoots, Riemann dives down and collects the ball.

89´: Eisfeld is felled in the penalty area, ref' Gräfe has the incident checked upstairs briefly. No penalty kick...

End: And that's that. Missed big chances hurt the visitors, especially by goal scorer Ganvoula, and prevented VfL from taking a well-deserved point with them.


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