9. Matchday

VfL Bochum 1848
1: 0
DSC Arminia BielefeldDSC Arminia Bielefeld

Fr,  05.10.201818:30 2. Bundesliga

Important home victory for the lads! After a double fixture week VfL were eager to get back on the winning track, which perfectly worked out in their clash against Arminia Bielefeld. Tom Weilandt scored the goal of the day already after 8 minutes, when he outplayed the whole defense and finally headed home the rebound. After the changeover the side from East Westphalia piled the pressure on Bochum, but the defense and keeper Manual Riemann, who showed a stunning performance, could not be defeated until the final whistle!

A not quite successful double fixture week was over. The lads had cleared their minds and returned to the Vonovia Ruhrstadion for the 9th matchday which saw them facing Arminia Bielefeld in front of an impressive 19,231 crowd. Compared to the loss in Heidenheim, manager Robin Dutt changed his line-up on three positions: Anthony Losilla (banned) and Maxim Leitsch (injured) were forced to pause. Moreover, Sidney Sam returned to the sub’ bench. Jan Gyamerah, Robbie Kruse and Sebastian Maier found themselves back in the first eleven.

Things immediately got going right after the kickoff. The first double chance belonged to the visitors, when Jonathan Clauss appeared alone in front of Manuel Riemann after two minutes played, but the keeper saved the shot and even deflected the rebound by Hartherz from the other side. Both teams played a very attacking style of play. VfL recorded their first effort in the 5th minute. Hoogland received a freekick by Maier and fired straight onto the target, but the shot was blocked. It was just VfL’s second opportunity that broke the tie. After a throw-in Tom Weilandt took the ball and dribbled through half of the Arminia defense before he toe-poked on the turn. Stefan Ortega could only spill the ball straight back to Weilandt, who used the situation and headed home the rebound in the 8th minute – wonder goal! Bochum 1, Bielefeld 0.

Manager Jeff Saibene’s side was eager to find an appropriate answer, but always had to be aware of VfL’s fast counters – two good chances by the lads (11th and 15th minute) were left unused. So Arminia started to dominate the game, but without recording any clear-cut chances from the box. Several corner kicks – six within the first twenty minutes – could also not e converted as the VfL defense did a good job and prevented any dangerous situations. After a vigorous beginning the match slowed down a little.
Until the end of the first half both sides would not be able to create reasonable goalscoring chances and change the course of the game significantly. So, it was Bochum 1, Bielefeld 0 at halftime.

No changes to VfL’s line-up by manager Dutt, while Bielefeld sent on striker Andreas Voglsammer for Christiansen. Similar scenes in the early stage of the second half as Bochum were trying to hit Arminia on the break. Lots of the action took place in the midfield area. Things started to get going again after about an hour. Several players were trying to get into possession when Voglsammer fired the ball against the post – Riemann managed to clear for a corner kick.

Just when the visitors were getting stronger, Bochum had their next big effort. After a free-kick from Maier it was Hoogland who missed the goal by a whisker and headed the ball just above the crossbar in the 64th minute. Not impressed by this opportunity, Bielefeld continued their attacking play. Börner’s header after a corner-kick hit the post in the 68th minute – that was close. In the following minutes Bielefeld again piled the pressure on Bochum. Kruse missed one of VfL’s rare chances after a counter in the 71st minute. For how long will the Bochum defense last? In the 72nd minute Joan Simun Edmundsson’s effort also failed as his effort just missed the target. At that point a possible equaliser by Bielefeld would not have come undeservedly.

The closing stage of the match was not what one would describe as an attractive course of a game. But the lads were finally able to free themselves of Bielefeld’s strong attacking play. After Hinterseer’s failed attempt from a short distance, Lee was about to seal the deal in the 84th minute, but the South Korean put the ball wide. The final chance had Ganvoula, who substituted Kruse, but his powerful shot was saved by Ortega. But this did not matter as seconds later the match was over and Bochum finally racked up another victory.
After a run of three winless games VfL had the next three points in their bag.

The league football continues after the break for international caps on Sunday, 21st October, 13:30 CET, when VfL Bochum take on Hamburg in their upcoming away game.

Robin Dutt (manager VfL Bochum 1848): It was really interesting to see that both teams slightly changed their tactics before today’s match. We had to start with a sole defensive midfielder and two central midfielders, namely Basti Maier and Chung Yong Lee. Luckily we got into the game very well. Bielefeld played a lot of long balls as they have two dangerous strikers upfront with Klos and Voglsammer who both are able to do harm to any opponent. In situations like this you need a bit of luck. Arminia pressed hard and created a number of chances and set pieces. You simply have to find a way to interrupt their play. In total, we have shown much more defensive stability than we did in the last matches. With fifteen minutes to play we also had our chances to counter attack and to relieve our defenders for some time. Lee and Weilandt but also Hinterseer and Kruse did a great job today with constantly putting pressure on the opponents and simply keeping the ball. That was very important. Bielefeld controlled the match and on the bottom line we we’re lucky to win. On the other hand, we were always on top of our game and fought for every single ball. We pleasantly take this win but we’re also glad to have a couple of days off, thanks to the international break. All the best for our opponents. Jeff does a great job and has a well-organised team. We had much respect and it was anything but easy today so the three points are even more important.

Jeff Saibene (manager Arminia Bielefeld): We experienced a couple of games like this over the last weeks where we performed well, have been the better team but in the end leave the pitch without any points. It would be too easy to call it bad luck. We make too many mistakes at the back to keep the clean sheet – today’s goal is a textbook example for that. Upfront we lack serenity and some type of killer instinct at the moment. On the other hand, I have to admit that my players always give everything they have in terms of commitment. In the end, we do not have the quality to win the games and gain the points right now. We’ll have to work on this. Congratulations to Robin for the win.

Tom Weilandt (VfL Bochum 1848): I think I did quite well in the set-up of the goal although I have to admit that I might have been a bit lucky to get on the ball with my head again to score. Overall, it was a lovely goal. Following the exhausting last weeks it was the physical game we all have expected and we simply had to work for the win until the final whistle. Luckily we have achieved that and we will certainly show more attractive matches in the future. Arminia had a number of good chances but in the end they were not able to convert their opportunities so in the end, our win is well deserved.

Jan Gyamerah (VfL Bochum 1848): It has been a good number of long balls flying into our box and luckily none of them slipped through. We felt huge pressure after the negative results in the last games and we all knew that we’d have to win today and therefore gave everything we had to achieve that. It probably wasn’t our best performance but we certainly fought to gain the three points. Before the last games we were among the top teams before today’s match we’ve been eleventh in the table. That shows quite vividly how tight things are in the league. A short positive or negative run and you climb or fall several places in the table. I’m always happy to play and I don’t care on which position. Today, Maxim was not fit to play so I had to take the place next to ‘Hoogi’ in central defence. He’s a great leader. Nevertheless, my regular position is on the right side but we have strong players on every position who fight for their places.

Stefano Celozzi (VfL Bochum 1848): Rationally speaking, this wasn’t a beautiful game to watch today. We knew what to expect and what was at stake. We showed great passion and commitment so our win is not undeserved in the end. It was nice to keep a clean sheet once again. We had a bit of luck to end the match in our favour. We actually wanted to avoid set pieces but the match just evolved differently. I think we stood firmly at the back and defended well. A win like this always a boost for the morale and honestly, I’d rather win three games by 1-0 than one game by 6-0. The international break will give us the time to work on a couple of things now.