4. Matchday

SC FreiburgSC Freiburg
1: 0
VfL Bochum 1848VfL Bochum 1848

Fr,  26.08.202220:30 Bundesliga

Superb campaign. Sixth place in the final table. Qualification for the European Cup. Participation in the final of the DFB Pokal. Yes, Freiburg's last season wasn't too bad. This season, too, the team from South Germany have started strongly. Our LOOK AHEAD for SC Freiburg:


There were no major changes in the Freiburg line-up. Continuity is the key, and not only on the coach's bench. Of course, the departure of German international Nico Schlotterbeck, who joined Borussia Dortmund after a strong year, hurts. But Freiburg, slightly surprisingly for the outside observer, were able to find top-class replacements. Matthias Ginter is back in town. Back where the former Gladbacher's career really took off. Change in central defence. One-for-one swap in the attacking department. Our former player Michael Gregoritsch joined from Augsburg, and Ermedin Demirovic went the other way in exchange. In addition, Freiburg added quality in Ritsu Doan, Daniel Kofi-Kyereh and, most recently, junior international Merlin Röhl.


Congratulations, Christian Streich! The Freiburg legend was recently named "Coach of the Year" by the Association of German Sports Journalists (Verband Deutscher Sportjournalisten – VDS). We have listed the successes of the previous season above. So Streich really deserves the title! He has been in charge of Freiburg's first team since the end of 2011. He has known the club for much longer, Streich has been working as a coach in Freiburg since 1995. A success story. However, he is not yet the longest-serving coach at the club - Volker Finke is still a few years away. It's quite likely that Streich will be able to manage that, too. After all, the club has always focused on development, and in the past even a Bundesliga relegation could not change that.


Mixed feelings with a view to the last encounters with Freiburg. Last season, we won the first leg 2-1, although the visitors were the better team. In the cup, we suffered a bitter 2-1 defeat after extra time, although we were much closer to reaching the semi-finals. The only clear matter was the second leg at the brand-new Europa Park Stadium. The side from Breisgau came out on top with a 3-0 win. In total, there have been 22 encounters in total. The statistic is balanced according to Bundesliga (16 duels), 2. Bundesliga (4) and DFB Pokal (2). Each team has won 9 times. So, on Friday night, it's not just about us earning the first points of the season. We can also turn the overall balance on our side at the same time.


Unbelievable scenes and a bitter result for Blue and White. VfL Bochum 1848 were beaten 1-0 by SC Freiburg on Friday evening. The goal of the day was scored by Grifo, from the second rebound after a penalty. Gerrit Holtmann was extremely unlucky hitting the aluminium twice. Not our day.
Last season, things went steadily uphill after the 7-0 defeat against record champions FC Bayern Munich. VfL Bochum 1848 fans were hoping for the same effect tonight when the Blue-and-Whites were playing SC Freiburg at the Europa-Park Stadium. The important thing was "points, points, points", said head coach Thomas Reis. Compared to the game against Bayern, the coach made four changes in total. Jacek Goralski made his starting debut. Kostas Stafylidis, Gerrit Holtmann and Erhan Masovic also returned to the starting line-up!

Simon Zoller played up front with Goralski slotting in next to Toto, and Stögi playing further upfield. Dominique Heintz and Erhan Masovic made up the centre-back duo for the first time. Silvére Ganvoula (who was absent due to illness against Bayern), Lys Mousset (not yet in training), Tarsis Bonga and Tim Oermann did not make the squad. Danilo Soares, Jannes Horn (both have returned to training), Jimmy Antwi-Adjei and Paul Grave were also missing.

This is how the game went:

It looks different from the last time we played here when Freiburg went at us full throttle from second one and more or less overran us. Of course, that is also because we have been very organised from the start.

8' Asano wins the first corner for VfL.

9' The corner kick eventually finds Holtmann. He goes for the neat corner but shoots too centrally to beat Flekken. But the best chance of the game so far.

10' A kick by the SC keeper gets longer and longer, then Günter is through on Riemann, but our number one is on his guard and gathers the ball.

12' Biggest chance of the game! Gamboa wins the ball in midfield, Stöger touches it on, Asano sprints into the penalty box. Unfortunately, his finish is not precise enough but that could have been the lead for us.

12' Holtmann with a cross after a corner. Dangerous - Freiburg are under pressure now.

15' Goralski wins a duel against Grifo in midfield. Our Polish international's debut in the starting XI is looking really good!

19' Freiburg can't play out any attack in a controlled manner so far. We defend with concentration and are present in the duels. Keep it up, lads!

22' For the first time, SC play through our defensive line via a long ball and Grifo's helping the ball on, and we need a bit of luck. Riemann saves twice, then Höfler shoots over the bar. It remains 0-0!

24' We have to survive this phase now! Ginter takes a header after a corner, but it misses the goal by a wide margin. Freiburg's strongest spell so far.

29' We have survived Freiburg's phase of pressure. Gregoritsch's shot is not dangerous.

31' Sallai tries a bicycle kick. Artistic, but not on goal.

32' Rain is starting to trickle down. That was forecast - might change the nature of the game.

34' Long ball, Asano appears unmarked in front of Flekken for the second time in this match. Our Japanese player aims for the far corner, but the ball flies past the post.

37' A strong move by Goralski. He leaves two men standing and then passes to Holtmann.

40' The rain is getting heavier. Five minutes to go until the break, and it's time for a breather.

42' Stafylidis is shown the first yellow card of this match.

45' Holtmann away in his usual manner. This can be an effective means, especially in these weather conditions. Good finish but Flekken punches the ball over the bar for a corner.

45' The corner is blocked, it's half-time.

Half-time: All square at the break here in Freiburg. 

47' Riemann fumbles a long cross, Sallai would have a free shot but our goalie pulls the Freiburg player's shorts ever so slightly.

48' Referee Marco Fritz is informed by the video assistant, looks at the scene on the monitor and decides on a penalty. Bitter.

48' Incredible. Riemann saves Grifo's penalty kick, also makes a strong save on the follow-up shot, but Grifo converts the third attempt. Freiburg are in the lead.

51' Grifo's free kick just misses the target. We can't afford to concede a second goal now.

53' Head coach Thomas Reis makes his first change. Janko comes on for Stafylidis.

55' Next attempt - now it's Günter. Corner to Freiburg in a crucial phase.

57' We manage to free ourselves, but offensively we'll have to improve.

58' There is the first blue-and-white attack in the second half! Holtmann sees Zoller in the middle. Our number nine heads over the crossbar.

62' Lucky us! Sallai can't beat Riemann from five metres.

65' The inside of the post! Holtmann! What a great chance! Whenever our winger moves into the middle from the right, it becomes dangerous. Flekken was already beaten, but the ball bounces off the inside post and away from goal. We were so close to equalising.

67' 32,800 are in attendance.

71' Next VfL chance. Riemann passes to Gamboa, our right-back puts the ball into the middle, Stöger volleys it. Unfortunately he misses.

72' Crazy game. Now Gregoritsch also hits the inside of the post. This time we're lucky and the ball bounces clear - fair enough…

76' Double substitution for us. Osei-Tutu and Hofmann on for Asano and Goralski.

77' Osei-Tutu is too quick for his opponent. Sallai commits a tactical foul and is shown a yellow card.

80' It's back and forth now. We are trying everything while Freiburg counter-attacks. Janko performs a 50-metre sprint and passes to Zolli who can't make proper contact with the ball.

81' On the counter-attack, Petersen curls a shot against the crossbar. It's completely open who will score here now.

84' We have chance after chance. And bad luck galore. Holtmann aims for the near corner and hits the post. Zolli gets to the ball, but it goes wide.

85' Ordets comes on for Gamboa.

85' THIS CAN'T BE TRUE! Holtmann hits the aluminium again!

85' Immediately afterwards, Zoller is scot-free in the box. He misses to the left! What a chance!

88' Stöger crosses, Zoller gets to it - Flekken saves again! This is wild now!

90' Four minutes on top.

Full-time: Unbelievably bitter story here. We did deserve a share of the points. But we just don't have luck on our side right now, so we lose by the narrowest possible margin.

The next game is next Saturday, when Werder Bremen comes to the Vonovia Ruhrstadion (Saturday, 03 September, 3:30 CET).

Thomas Reis (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): Congratulations to Christian Streich and his squad. It's hard to sit here now, of course. We were may to pay for our mistakes a lot last week. In contrast, a lot of the things we set out to do, we did very well today. It's a shame that the game is decided by this one action where the video referee intervenes. For me, the penalty wasn't a clear mistake. Both teams had many chances. We haven't had as many chances as today in the past few games. I'm absolutely positive about our performance. If we continue to play in this way, we will definitely get the points we need.

Christian Streich (head coach SC Freiburg): It was a difficult game. Bochum was highly motivated and strong in their challenges. You always have to be very careful with Riemann's long balls. We didn't get into the game well. Afterwards, we didn't take advantage of many scoring opportunities. As long as it's 1-0, a game is always open. We were lucky with Holtmann's shots, which are insanely difficult to defend. It could have ended in a draw, but in the end I think we deserved to win because of the number of chances we had.

Simon Zoller: It's very annoying that we leave here without any points. One chance has to go in at the end, then the game ends in a draw. On the positive side, we showed a different side of us. We got back to what made us strong the last two years. That has to be the way to get points again. We were very passionate and tried everything. But if you don't take your chances, you can't complain about losing the game.

Kevin Stöger: It's hard to find words. You don't get more chances at Freiburg than the ones we created. If you don't score a goal, there's a good chance you won't get any points in Freiburg. Three of the four games so far have been decent for us. We're definitely not burying our heads in the sand. We've put in a good performance. But of course I would have preferred to play poorly and take points.