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VfL Bochum 1848VfL Bochum 1848

Mi,  23.12.202020:45 DFB-Pokal

What a great night for VfL Bochum 1848! Right before Christmas the lads kicked Bundesliga side 1. FSV Mainz 05 out of the German cup competition and have made it to the next round. A crazy game. Mainz took the lead after goals by Boetius and Latza. After Gerrit Holtmann scored and VfL got one back, Robert Tesche managed to equalize in the additional time. Heavy setback in extra time when Manuel Riemann was sent off with a straight red card. But Bochum fought and reached the penalty shootout. Mainz failed for three times from the spot. VfL, on the contrary, converted all three efforts – and reached the final 16!

The last fixture of the year 2020! VfL Bochum 1848 are playing away against 1. FSV Mainz 05 in the DFB cup competition. Head coach Thomas Reis just made one change in line-up compared tot he 3-0 victory against FC Heidenheim: Robert Tesche replaced Erhan Mašović in the starting eleven.

That’s how the game went:

2´: Gamboa pulls Quaison’s jersey and is being shown the yellow card after only 90 seconds played. An early booking for the defender.

7´: GOAL. First attack, first goal for the home side. Boëtius is making his way towards the goal and hammers the ball past Riemann into the net.

11´: VfL do not take the deficit and are eager to level the score. Losilla gets in possession and has an eye for Zoller, who wants to cross for Žulj, but he’s one step too late.

14´: Next good effort! After a corner Soares’s powerful shot is blocked by Barreiro.

20´: That was close! In the nick of time Leitsch can successfully tackle against Quaison, who otherwise would’ve appeared alone in front of keeper Riemann.

28´: It‘s VfL again: Gamboa with a quick pass to Žulj, the ball is forwarded to Losilla, Holtmann and finally Zoller, who unfortunately misses by a whisker.

32´: And the next booking: This time it’s Leitsch who receives a yellow card afte a foul against Burkardt.

33´: Žulj with a long range shot. The ball is deflected, but the following corner kick is useless.

36´: Soares is fouled on the left wing position. Žulj curles the freekick right into the box, but Toto’s header goes wide.

36´: On the counter attack Mainz create a clear cut chance. Riemann shows an amazing save and secures the current score.

35´: Another effort for VfL in the closing stage of the first half: A fine centre by Soares from the left reaches Zolli, who is not able to control the ball properly.

Halftime: Bochum make every endeavour to equalise the early deficit. The team of head coach Thomas Reis kept Mainz under much pressure especially in the middle of the first half and recorded some reasonable scoring chances. But in the dying minutes the home got things going again and had numerous good efforts that were all saved tremendously by Manuel Riemann.

46´: Second half is kicked off – no substitutions on either side.

50´: Two clear cut chances for VfL within a few seconds! First it’s Blum who fires the ball onto the target from about 15 metres after a nice solo dribbling from Holtmann. But a Mainz player is able to clear in the nick of time for a corner kick. Then things go wild! Blum with a fine centre straight into the box, but Bella Kotchap fails to nod home from a very short range.

55´: GOAL. Mainz increase the gap with their second goal. Quaison back-heels the ball into the middle where Latza is waiting to slide home.

58´: Freekick by Žulj, Blum fails with a drop kick as the ball goes wide

62´: Thomas Reis makes his first substitution and sends on Ganvoula for Zoller.

64´: Dangerous situation. Fortunately Hack’s header goes above the crossbar.

66´: GOOOAL! Bochum get one back! Holtmann’s powerful shot from the penalty line hits the back of the net.

69´: And almost Holtmann’s second goal of the night from the exact same position. Unfortunately, this time the ball goes wide.

74´: Blum fires the ball into the stands - and is therefore booked by referee Petersen.

81´: That just cannot be true. Corner from the left side: Blum centres into the box, Ganvoula with a sharp header, but unfortunately misses the target.

86´: VfL keeps putting Mainz under pressure and press for the last minute equaliser.

90.+4: GOOOOOAL! Tesche heads home in the very last second. Unbelievable! That means extra time!

Extra time:

95´: Straight red card for Riemann. He tackles Ji far in front of the goal. Petersen jugdes the scene as a professional foul and the keeper is sent off. Harsh decision!

98´: Consequently Drewes takes to the field, Holtmann has to leave the pitch. Moreover, Žulj is replaced by Pantović.

105´: Next substitution for VfL: Losilla off, Mašović on.

106´: The final 15 minutes have begun. And VfL make their last substitution: Bockhorn comes on for Gamboa.

114´: The second half of extra time is actually a real defensive battle for VfL. Soares and Bella Kotchap are already suffering spasms in their legs, but both keep on fighting.

116´: Boëtius tries from a narrow angle, but Drewes is there to save.

120´: And here we go: penalty shootout! What a fight by our lads!

Penalty shootout:

Pantović converts. #M05BOC 0:1

Szalai misses. #M05BOC 0:1

Mašović converts. #M05BOC 0:2

Stöger misses. #M05BOC 0:2

Ganvoula converts. #M05BOC 0:3

Mateta for Mainz. Drewes saves! #M05BOC 0:3


Thomas Reis (manager VfL Bochum 1848): We’re very happy to have advanced in the cup. I also think that the lads have absolutely earned it. We already had good approaches in the first half, but our attempts were mostly stopped at the opponents’ box. We were aware that Mainz have fast players on the flanks. They exploited that very well and therefore they had the clearer chances. After the 2-0 we had to go all-in, but still kept a cool head. We had the feeling that there is still a chance to change the game in our favour. You can give the red card, but of course it was very unfortunate for us. A huge compliment to the team for the way they fought afterwards. We can be very proud of us and are heading back home to Bochum more than happy.

Maxim Leitsch (VfL Bochum 1848): It’s just unbelievable. We had a few chances in the second half and somehow managed to equalize and therefore reward us for our efforts only seconds before the final whistle. That gave us another boost. The red card at the beginning of extra time was bitter, of course. Outnumbered, we tried with or last bit of energy, play down the clock and reach the penalty shootout. We managed that perfectly. We certainly deserved to win here.

Patrick Drewes (VfL Bochum 1848): I’m sitting on the bench for 105 minutes, cheering and trying to push the lads as hard as I can. And then suddenly I’m standing between the sticks. It was an all-around great evening for us. We fought back brilliantly even when we were outnumbered. We fought and “ate grass“ and didn’t allow any single chance for Mainz. The team deserved to advance to the next round.

Danny Blum (VfL Bochum 1848): We were the better team today. We had greater commitment, ball possession and therefor are the well-deserved winners today.

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum 1848): We went all-in from the 70th minute onwards. We deserved to go into extra time. After the red card, we proved that we can now hold our own as a team.