1. Round

FV Engers
0: 3
VfL Bochum 1848VfL Bochum 1848

Sa,  12.09.202015:30 DFB-Pokal

Successful start into the 20/21 campaign for VfL Bochum 1848 as they win their “away game” at the Castroper Street. In the first round of the DFB cup, Thomas Reis’s team beat the 5th division team FV Engers 07 by three goals and consequently deservedly move on to the next round. Žulj scored the opener before the break, Zoller and Pantović extended the lead in the second half.

3rd: First chance for VfL who play towards the empty Ostkurve for the first 45 minutes. Gamboa’s cross from the right flank is cleared by keeper Djordjevic – Tesche gets on the ball but his shot is blocked at the expense of a corner.

5th: Almost the opener for VfL! Žulj with a neat freekick into the box, Ganvoula with the header but the ball only hits the crossbar!

10th: Ganvoula solidly comes through on the left and targets the short corner – the outer net.

15th: It’s Ganvoula once again who reaches Gamboa’s cross with his head, but the ball clearly misses its target.

20th: VfL clearly controls ball and game and keeps on crossing the ball into the box from the flanks to get behind the opponent’s defensive lines. By now, without success but the chances keep on coming. What’s still missing is the decisive pass.

23rd: Now the away team – or the home team to be more precise. Whatever. Engers with the chance. Kap takes the ball away from Žulj. Engers with the fast break. Leitsch rushes up and forces the attacker to a hasty lob ball. An easy catch for Riemann.

23rd:  GOAL for VfL – 1-0! So important to score an early goal. A cross by Gamboa finds Soares who outplays his opponent and crosses the ball back into the box to find Žulj unmarked and the attacker heads the ball into the net. Well done!

26th: Holtmann coming over the right side this time. He neatly outplays the defender and scoops the ball towards the long post – not accurate enough.

28th: Counterattack via Losilla who finds Ganvoula on the right flank. The Congolese takes the ball with him and then passes it into the centre – Zoller tries to reach the ball but misses it.

41st: Another chance for VfL to score their second goal but Ganvoula is blocked twice. In the end, it’s a corner kick for VfL. The following corner is defended easily.

Halftime: As expected, VfL control their away match on home soil and lead 1-0 against FV Engers. The underdog has been doing well so far but have been too hectic with their few approaches. Anyway, VfL have to come up with something to decide this game as early as possible.

49th: Engers with the first chance of the second half. Köppen gets on the ball and tries his luck but his shot is blocked by a defender at the expense of a corner kick that leads to a counterattack but Ganvoula, Žulj and Soares take too long to convert it.

52nd:  GOAL for VfL – 2-0! A short free kick by Žulj who then sneaks behind the defensive lines, gets the ball back in the box and finds Zoller who has no problems to put the ball into the net at the far post.

61st: Losilla passes to Ganvoula who immediately strikes the ball bit Engers’ keeper Djordjevic is on the spot with his foot.

62nd: Two changes for VfL: Eisfeld and Pantović replace Žulj and Holtmann. Engers make one change: Runkel leaves the pitch for Stieffenhofer.

63rd: What a strike by Losilla – that was close! Djordjevic would have had no chance.

65th:  GOAL for VfL – 3-0! It’s Losilla again with a rocket shot from outside the box. The keeper can only let the ball bounce back and Pantović heads the ball into the net. That should have been it here.

68th: Engers with two changes: Köppen and Schlesiger leave the pitch, Naric and Hermann are in the game now.

71st: Corner by Eisfeld, header by Tesche but Djordjevic is able to defuse the ball. Shortly afterwards, unfortunate Ganvoula with an uninspired lob.

72nd: Reis with two changes. Zoller and Ganvoula are replaced by Blum and Bonga with his first appearance for VfL.

76th: Blum rushes into the box and tries his luck from a tight angle – to the outer net.

80th: Last change for VfL – Holtkamp with his debut as professional footballer. He replaces Lampropoulos.

82nd: Bonga with a good chance to make his first goal for VfL but Djordjevic defuses the attempt to the expense of a corner.

82nd: FINALLY! Engers’ manager Watzlawik sends in Fiege. And Kremer. Kap and Haubrich leave the pitch.

88th: Blum tries to complete his appearance with a goal, but his shot is blocked. Eisfeld’s following attempt goes wide.

89th: Splendid save by Djordjevic who somehow manages to defuse Eisfeld’s precise strike from 16 metres.

90th: Pantović wants to make up for his second goal, but FVE are still throwing themselves into every attempt in injury time and can clear the ball.

Final whistle: That’s it for today at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. VfL advance to the next round after a solid performance. But a word of compliment to the „away team”, who have sold themselves dearly here.