Our resposibilty

The role of football clubs has changed in recent years. While clubs used to focus mainly on football, they are now also business enterprises. Accordingly, the expectations regarding football clubs and, consequently, the ability of these clubs to put something back into society are changing. 

We – VfL Bochum 1848 - are aware of our social responsibility and do not see it as a duty, but as a matter of course and part of our DNA. After all, the aspect of being a football collective is even part of our name. From our point of view, this responsibility is not only a social but also an ecological and economic one. This is how we live our social commitment based on the values ​​of our overall approach. In particular, the values ​​of proximity, regional identity, tradition and social responsibility are reflected in our club’s social commitment. It is important for us to support cooperation partners that have their roots in Bochum and the surrounding area, which in turn forms the basis of sustainable, authentic and purposeful development.