The ‘Talentwerk’ is the name for the junior department of VfL Bochum 1848, which has been producing many professional players for years. Our ‘Talentwerk’ comprises the years U9 to U19 and is divided into at least ten departments. The development of our outfield players and the individual training of our goalkeepers, the ongoing development of our young and dedicated coaches as well as the field of scouting are the three most important areas within the ‘Talentwerk’. Since the start of the 2015/2016 season, the focus has been increasingly on the interaction between the professional division and the ‘Talentwerk’. 

In addition, there are the areas of sports psychology, educational support, individual care, social education, video analysis, performance diagnostics, athletic and strength training, medical-physiotherapeutic care, assistance of players and employees in the field of social media and the comprehensive taxi service for our talents. It can be seen from these specialist fields that VfL Bochum 1848 is doing everything in its power to offer its talents a professional training framework. 

Since the deregistering of the U23 in the summer of 2015, the U19 and the U17 of the ‘Talentwerk’ are the highest teams out of which talents emerge to make the leap to the pros. Our respective top talents of the U19 and U17 teams of the ‘Talentwerk’, as well as their coaches, regularly participate in training sessions of our professional team. 

Our philosophy for top talents

That way the top talents of the ‘Talentwerk’ are meant to internalize our football philosophy even more, as well as receive the exclusive opportunity to present themselves to the professional team and to show off their full potential. 
The ‘Talentwerk’ is led by Alexander Richter and Timo Saviano is the managing director. David Siebers coordinates the years U13 to U16, in the same capacity Simon Schuchert works for the years U9-U12. 
A regular exchange with our trainers, internal training as well as the supervision and constant assessment of all training sessions mean that the football philosophy of the professional team is anchored in performance- and age-adapted form down to the youngest ‘Talentwerk’ teams. All ‘Talentwerk’ employees constantly set themselves new goals to improve and develop the department.  

The work processes are diverse and – in all departments – always have the goal of leading our talents up to the professionals. The ‘Talentwerk’ is the innovative football academy of VfL Bochum 1848.